The Debate Between Religions And Science

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The debate between religions and science has taken a long time and consumed scientific and religious efforts. Each side has its own evidences and they are all strong. But if you look at them with your attention, you will find that there is no clash between them! I mean science supports religion and, on the other side, religion supports science.
It is clear in my religion – Islam – that whatever is mentioned in Qur’an (The Holy Book) must be correct. Even if it is unbelievable these days, it will be a fact in the future. That because we – Muslims – believe that Qur’an was written by Allah (God), and he, undoubtedly, knows everything in the universe because he created it. At the current ...view middle of the document...

The miracle is that even though two or more of the different water parts meet, they never mix! It deserves a day of thinking about it, doesn’t it?
The fetus, the complicated start of the human beings, was mentioned in a scientific way in Qur’an. It mentioned that the creation of a human being is accomplished through many stages, starting with the sperm as Allah said: “Man We did create from a quintessence (of clay), then We placed him as (a drop of) sperm, in a place of rest, firmly fixed.” And He said in another place: “He makes you in the wombs of your mothers, in stages one after another, in three walls of darkness.” Scientist discovered the fact of those stages of developing and growing just in 1960’s. It means that the fact which man came to know since sixty years ago had been mentioned in the Holy Qur’an fourteen centuries ago. It deserves a week of thinking about it, doesn’t it?
Back to the moon, the amazing creation, and the sun, Allah said: “He who made the sun a shine and the moon a light.” Even though we might not find any difference between the two terms, Allah has differentiated between them. Actually, in Arabic, the language of Qur’an, there is a difference between those two terms; shine means the source of the rays, while light is only the reflection of such rays. Huh? How does Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon...

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