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The Death Penalty Against Essay

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Mirko Wagner
Death Penalty Paper

I am against the death penalty because I think a planned death is a punishment that no human should go through. Why am I against the execution? You will have to get to know in the following paragraphs.
In my opinion, it is a better punishment to have someone in jail for life than to execute him or her. If you are in jail for life, you have to think about what you did and why you did it. You have to be the rest of your life in jail, no matter what happens. On the other side, I agree with people who say that to know when you will die is a big pain in your head. But what happens if you are in jail for life? Do you think they will let you out ...view middle of the document...

That is a kid of racism and racism is a thing that wasn’t good in the past, and is also not good today. And to answer the last question, yes, money can influence the decision of the lawyer too.
In Germany, execution was abolished a long time ago. Now, the law says that if you do something bad the worst punishment you can get is 15 years of jail. After 15 years, you either get more years in jail or you get a second chance and get out of jail for a try. That means if you think about what you did and accept and act like you know it was wrong, you get out. But, you have special rules and if you don’t follow them, you have to go to jail again. As an example, one of these rules could be to stay away from a person’s house for at least the distance of 1 mile. If the person comes closer towards the house, he or she will get arrested again. I think that’s a good way to punish someone but also give him a way to change his mind.
To execute someone is not only a punishment for the person in the death row, it’s also a punishment for his or her family. The murder did something wrong which wasn’t only painful for the victim, but also for the relatives of the victim. Does that mean the law is allowed to hurt the relatives of the murderer? I am sure they don’t agree with what the murderer did, but it could be still a loved relative. So why hurt more people than needed? Only to get justice for the victims relatives? Yes, but it is not justice to do the same stupid thing the murderer did. Ramsey Clark said “our emotions may cry vengeance in the wake of a horrible crime, but reason and experience tell us that killing the criminal will not...

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