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The death penalty is a growing concern in today’s society; however, many criminals who are sentenced to the death penalty have no respect for the value of life. The three reasons that society might find the death penalty beneficial include the following: retribution or moral issues, incapacitation, and the role of vengeance.
Retribution means that a murderer must be executed because the prisoner deserves the death penalty for the criminal acts of violence they imposed on society. The concept of retribution is a cruel and unusual punishment, but it is time that society take control of criminal acts of violence by imposing the death penalty. Imposing the death penalty in the form of retribution will bring closure to the murdered victims family. Retribution gives society the insight to understand the following about capital punishment:
If . . . he has committed a murder, he must die. In this case, there is no substitute that will
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Incapacitation is a sure sign that the murderer will not be allowed to kill another person again. Many people believe that imposing the death penalty is a permanent solution for removing the prisoner from society. Ward (2011) states that, a murderer will not commit another crime if he or she is incapacitated, and the murderer will no longer be a threat to public defense. Incapacitation is the feasible solution for the death penalty; the murderer is permanently removed from society and is unable to participate in another criminal act of violence that will impose threats to society.
Society has targeted all possibilities that states the death penalty should not be outlawed except the role of vengeance. The murdered victims families are entitled to vengeance and a form of closure, which will allow the families the peace of knowing that the murderer is no longer a threat to society. Sentencing a person to death will not bring the victim back or eliminate any suffering the family may encounter; however, society believes that if the murderer is executed there will be a sense of peace for the victims family. Honeyman & Ogloff (1996) states that, many people support the death penalty and the reasoning for their support are based on emotional craving for vengeance.
Understanding the importance of the three reasons for the death penalty will reveal that the death penalty should not be outlawed.

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