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The Day We Meet Essay

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Zeitgeist: Moving Forward
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Zeitgeist: Moving Forward |
Directed by | Peter Joseph |
Produced by | Peter Joseph |
Music by | Peter Joseph, Lili Haydn and Yes |
Edited by | Peter Joseph |
Distributed by | GMP LLC |
Release date(s) | * January 15, 2011 |
Running time | 161 minutes |
Country | United States |
Language | English |
Zeitgeist: Moving Forward is the third installment in Peter Joseph's Zeitgeist film trilogy. The film premiered at the JACC Theater in Los Angeles on January 15th 2011 at the Artivist Film Festival[1] and released online. As of May 2014, the film has over 22 million views on YouTube.[2]
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In The Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith uses the term invisible hand as a means to explain how an individual's self-interest benefits society as a whole.[4] A critical view of economic theory is made by questioning the need for private property, money and the inherent inequality between agents in the system. Also seen critically is the need for cyclical consumption in order to maintain market share which results in wasted resources and Planned obsolescence. Critical views of the monetary system are given. According to the movie, the current monetary system will result in default or hyperinflation at some future time.[citation needed]
Part III: Project Earth
As with Zeitgeist: Addendum, the film presents a "resource-based economy" as advocated by Jacque Fresco discussing how human civilization could start from a new beginning in relation to resource types, locations, quantities, to satisfy human demands; track the consumption and depletion of resources to regulate human demands and maintain the condition of the environment.[citation needed]
Part IV: Rise
The current world wide situation is described as disastrous. A case is presented that pollution, deforestation, climate change, overpopulation, and warfare are all created and perpetuated by the socioeconomic system. Various poverty statistics are shown that suggest a progressive worsening of world culture. According to the United Nations, currently 18,000 children a day die from starvation.[5] Also according to the UN, global poverty rates have doubled since the 1970s.[6]
The final scene of the film shows a partial view of earth from space, followed by a sequence of superimposed statements; "This is your world", "This is our world", and "The revolution is now".[citation needed]
* Dr. Adrian Bowyer
* Dr. Colin J. Campbell
* Jacque Fresco
* Jeremy J. Gilbert
* Dr. James Gilligan
* Max Keiser
* Dr. Behrokh Khoshnevis
* Dr. Gábor Máté
* Dr. John McMurtry
* Roxanne Meadows
* Michael Ruppert
* Dr. Robert Sapolsky
* Richard Wilkinson
Zeitgeist: Moving Forward received "Best Political Documentary" in 2011 from the Action on Film International Film Festival.[citation needed]
A review in the monthly publication The Socialist Standard commented on several aspects of the film. Regarding its production values they stated that the film had a "well rounded feel." In terms of content they criticized the "shaky economic analysis" contained in the second part of the film and noted that Karl Marx had already undertaken a more scientific and thorough critique of capitalism. They went on to state that, "despite these false beginnings the analysis is at least on the right track." Regarding transition to the new system proposed in the film, the review critically noted that in the film "there is no mention of how to get from here to there."[7]
Fouad Al-Noor in Wessex Scene said that the film has more of a focus on solutions than the previous film. Calling...

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