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The people of the village gathered every year on June 27th whether they wanted to or not, to watch and participate in the sacrifice of human life. In the short story "The Lottery", Shirley Jackson wrote about a humankind not unlike are own. Throughout the story she uses symbols to enhance the volume of the story. "The imagery and symbolism used in this short story can be contributed by the lottery, the black box and dot, and the actual names of the characters."

The lottery is held every year at the same time in almost every town. In the story, Mr. Warner mentioned "Lottery in June, corn be heavy soon." This states that they believe that by a human sacrifice it will help the crops grow better for the year. The date of ...view middle of the document...

Jackson describes the box in every detail so there is an understanding of how dreary the box was. The town's people did not want to keep the black box during the other months of the year, so they took turns keeping the box at places of business and in secrecy. The second

black symbol is used in describing the black dot. Whoever drew the black dot would be put to death. When incorporating the two symbolisms of the black box and black dot, the reader can easily determine that black symbolized the color of death.

The names of the characters in the story and the actions of the people are very important. First, Mrs. Hutchinson was the only one who was late to the drawing, and she was the one in the end that draws the black dot of death. Second, the person sacrificed had to be unblemished, which is why Mr. Dunbar could not participate, because he had a broken leg. Third, Mr. Summers is the organizer of the lottery, which happens to be held in the summer. Fourth, throughout the story Mr. Warner gives warnings to the crowd. Finally, the individuals who led the attack on Mrs. Hutchinson were Mr. Adams and Mrs. Graves. Mr. Adam's name is also the first person to commit sin in the bible, and Mrs. Graves' name symbolized the result of sin is to be sent your grave.

Symbolism is a large part of the short story "The Lottery." Each reader of the story can interpret the symbols in the story in different ways, and can gain a new perspective when read more than once. The reader can decipher whether or not there is conflict in this story with just one sitting. In conclusion, the short story "The Lottery," is full of various symbols that will intrigue the mind for years to come.

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