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The Dark Night Essay

685 words - 3 pages

COM 156
Week 5 Assignment
Kayla Nowlin

In the paper The Dark Night it seems that the student's main goal was to discuss how great the film was. The first paragraph he states “The Dark Night was the most popular film of 2008. Unlike most popular summer movies...” Well this made myself ask was The Dark Night the most popular of the summer of 2008, or was it popular other summers as well. I would be more specific, or use better word choice in one of these sentences. I would also add a little more detail on why it was so popular in 2008, like using how many tickets the movie sold at the box office for an example. In the second paragraph the student says who all the main characters are but, he only tells us one of them, and the role that actor plays. I would state all the main characters, the roles each of them played in the movie, and I would have stated their purpose within the movie.
Another thing I ...view middle of the document...

We are told to restate our topic within our conclusion. In this conclusion the writer just basically states that we enjoyed his paper, and that we should go see the movie. He also talks in first person. He should not talk in first person rather to talk in second, or third. In the fourth paragraph one sentence sort of stuck out as a reader. The sentence states “In many ways the new style of the two Batman films can be seen as an attempt, which at this point must be considered successful, to distance the franchise from the negative connotations that Batman, and Robin had.” This sentence was a little confusing, and seemed to be never ending. This particular sentences needs to be re-worded so that it can be easily read, and understood by the reader(s). This is not very persuasive to me. Overall I think the paper needs more detail, persuasiveness, and support.

 In the student's paper he did give credit to the site where he received his information from which was Wikipedia. However as the faculty member said it was not a reliable source, and it says not to use it in the syllabus then the student should have never used any of that information in their paper. There are many ways to help you avoid plagiarism in your writing. On our student website we can go to our University's Library to access the RiverPoint. RiverPoint is an application/tool that UOP has designed for us to use in our aid in creating citations. Therefore since it is available through University of Phoenix then it does follow APA standards. Another way we have in our Library is the Reference, and Citation Examples. This helps create in-text citations, and reference for books, articles, websites, course materials, simulations, and other sources. The student could have also just used the Reference, and Citation Generator. This link is an easy to use reference guide to aid in writing in text citations, and reference page entries that meet APA standards. Lastly, the student could have just reworded the information into his own opinion(s), and then he would not have to worry about using citations. He should at least say where he read the information source at but, just word it in his own writing.   

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