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The Dance Essay

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A Moment in Time
  As I stood there, I could feel the wet salty water running down my neck. This was sweat, it had been pouring out of my apertures since the song had started. The chorus was soon to be concluded; I was waiting for the fatal lyric that would tell me to begin. It felt like hours, but then at last it came; the thing I so eagerly awaited, "We will, we will rock you!" Finally it had come; at last the anxiety for the past two months was over. I was ready for it and so I sprang like a cheetah at his prey, and so it began.
It had all started two months ago on a black dreary week. I had been having a horrendous day that Friday, but then it happened. We had been working ...view middle of the document...

She then asked me to come up with my own choreography for as many people as I could to do countless acrobatics in the back ground. This was an astounding honor for her to need my professionalism in acrobatics.
Even though she did not know it, she had challenged my skills to come up with the best choreography I could administer for everyone. I went back to my charts of tricks Daniel and I had thrown away and thought of people who could manage to do what were going to ask of them. Finally, after a couple of days of strenuous thinking, I had everything I needed to prove to the choreographer that I was worthy of the task she had handed me. As I told her my plans she was exceedingly delighted. So eager, she franticly went to work without delay, for now it was only three weeks before the show and she had a great deal of choreographing left to do. We quickly gathered the people together to see if they could process all the steps that I was throwing to them. Within two weeks of unrelenting rehearsals, everyone was mastering the cycle of staggering tricks they had been thrown in a short period of time. They were hitting the tricks one by one perfectly and landing them like ballerinas dancing, but better.
After so many hours of strenuous training, something unbearable happened. Two girls, whom I had chosen not to name for personal reason, came forth with a technique they had been working on, which was so easy that it was pathetic, then deciphered to present it to the choreographer. Now, you must remember we were in a school production, so they try to let every person shine. So, the choreographer allowed them to participate with their stunt, which was not a problem for me, it was merely where they were placed to execute their stunt. While Daniel and I were to do an amazing trick on the sides, they were to do the putrid stunt in front, taking the focus away from Daniel and me. Not only did this make me especially angry, but it threw everything off because you see, they took too long to do the trick, so Daniel and I had to pause throwing the both of us off our strong impetus. After strenuously working for weeks, I was not going to let this decimate my “high”, so to speak, so I disregarded the matter and went on with the proficient training until opening day.
Finally it was opening day, when my heart started pounding out of my chest, for the moment had come for me to demonstrate my acrobatic skills. Although I was in several numbers, I only had one on my mind, which of course, was “We Will Rock You.” Therefore; the first several numbers to me were just a blur as I waited impatiently. I exceptionally grew irritated and annoyed and thought about how I wish that I could promptly make time go by, but I could not do so, then the moment finally came. As I walked onto the big stage, Daniel’s eyes met mine, I knew we...

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