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The Current Rate Of Crime In Our Society

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The Current Rate of Crime in Our Society

The current rate of crime in our society has reached alarming proportions. ne senseless

killings of innocent lives, the harassment of law abiding citizens, and loss of property istotally not accepted at all levels and walks of our society.

The impact of reported and unreported incidents of crime continue to negate our newly founddemocracy with disastrous effects to our economy. Taking intq account the nearly 2 millionserious crimes reported last year including 18.938 murders and 66838 robberies. The highlevel of unemployment can no longer be associated or put as an excuse for high level ofcrime because of senseless killings which cannot be ...view middle of the document...

It is our honestview in this matter that the Organisation with its structure, and formation is best located tosuccessfully launch an anti-crime campaign which can make an impact in finding solutionsagainst crime.

In the black townships crime has been rampant and not properly checked and controlled,because of inadequate and inefficient methods applied, the socio- economic and politicalfactors, the manner in which police are perceived taking into account their past activities andfocus. This factors has resulted to criminals having a safe haven in townships.


In order to effectively have a successful campaign SANCO has identified the following pointswhich are seen as departure points.
- Communities to proudly own and understand the campaign prior to its launch.[community driven].
- The negative consequences of crime must be highlighted which results toUnemployment, Poverty, loss of life, loss of property, harassment and unsafeenvironment.
- To correct the wrong perceptions that all -pbrice are involved in criminalactivities.
- 'Me responsibility of each individual citizen to be part of a solution againstcrime.

2.1. In order to maximise community participation and understanding the campaign itself,it is important to develop a very simple and easy to understand programme.
It is a deeply entrenched custom with a very known history that an informer"impimpi"] is killed and not accepted within black communities. In order to deal withwrong perceptions about police and the perception that crime is directed to whites isjustifiable, this anti-crime campaign will be known as " OPERATION WE@VA"for a simple reason that [ Siyapimpa we "inform" for a good cause] Crime is againstfreedom, democracy and RDP.

The campaign is as follows
(a) Every person who witness or have information about a crime committed/or to
be committed... will phone the central toll free number report the crime,evidence or incident. Listant minimal reward have to be paid after an arrest ismade.

2.1. Every reported crime the caller will have to leave [ optional for rewards] his/hercontact details.

2.3. If an arrest is made a minimal reward have to be paid as incentive to the individualconcerned.
1. A central data and reporting centre must be established. The centre must beindependently operative and directly linked with the police station and intelligence unitto supply information.

The campaign must be launched in starting with the most affected areas.The overallobjective is to launch it as a National campaign.
Before the launch, it must be accepted and understood by communities through aprocess of mass meetings, street committees, police forums, organised labour churchformations, etc.

- In order to focus our campaign the listing of types of crime to be prioritised eg.murder, armed robbery, rape, hijacking etc.

2. An...

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