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The Critical Thought Process Essay

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The Critical Thought Process
Critical thinking is the ability for an individual to be exposed to a subject, and be able to objectively form a rational conclusion about the subject. Learning the elements of thought and using a checklist for reasoning allows an enlightened critical thinker to gather the information needed to form a well-balanced conclusion on the subject matter. This is important because the thinker must gather facts, concepts, points of view and etc.; and to look at a situation from all sides and form an unbiased opinion about the issue. By raising in-depth questions, we are able to gather the necessary information to form well-thought out solutions and opinions to the problems and issues presented. By employing these methods of ...view middle of the document...

We can also use the ideas associated with critical thinking in daily life. These ideas can and should be used in the workplace, education, and social life. Whenever I am presented with a new issue, I try look at it through critical thought, which is not always easily done. It is human nature jump to conclusions, or have preconceived notions; the species is flawed in that way. By identifying the problem, then looking at it from many different directions and perspectives; personally, I am usually able to come to reasonable conclusion. Most people apply critical thought on a daily basis, whether they realize it or not, from doing a crossword puzzle, to balancing a household budget.
When being exposed to something new; whether it is art, music, a new product, or even new cuisine, one must be able to view it with though the critical thought process. It is human nature to be egocentric in our thought process. It traces back to our survival instincts, we initially view something, subconsciously or consciously and our thought process wants to take us to the question “How does the affect me?” When we view art, we must put aside our preconceived notions, and knee-jerk reaction, and leave our egocentric selves behind. We must be able to look at art objectively, and try to understand the message the artist trying to put forth, whether you find the art favorable or not.
After reading the assigned work, I do feel more confident in the way that I am able to perceive things. If more people would use the critical thought process to examine issues and problems that arise, I truly believe, that most of the time, they could resolve it to a better end. Now that I have a more defined structure of the critical thought process, I think that I will be able to use it much more effectively.

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