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The Crimes, The People Who Solved Them, And The Different Types Of Punishments

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Our topic for this paper is Crime and Punishment. There are several differentissues on this subject. We chose three main points to talk about: The Crimes, the Peoplewho solved them, and the different types of punishments. These are the topics we chosefor our report.Crime in the nineteeth century was rapid though out London. But because of allof the poverty and sickness in the streets, crime was the only way to survive. Most of thecrimes that took place in London were crimes that involved stealing. Pickpocket gangsand street gamblers were a regular sight when walking down a major London street.Prostitution was also a big money maker on the streets, done by both girls and boys. Butcrimes ...view middle of the document...

Jack the Ripper iscredited for 9 killings, but police think that he might be responsible for more. All ofthe killing accrued with in one square mile. Jack is described as carring a long knife inwhich he would cut open his victims, and a black Gladstone bag, the contents of whichis unknown. ( Sugden, pg.1) Jack the Ripper's identity is unknown which isprobably why this case is so famous. It is rumored that Jack the Ripper was a member ofthe royal family, and that people knew of his identity but wanted to keep it a secret.The London Metropolitan Police system was created in 1829, after the publicneed for security has been told to the government. The Police Department consisted of3000 policemen. The Policeman then were poorly paid. A constable's usual pay was 19shillings, a week. An inspector got around 2 pounds, and some of that money was takenoff for the cost of there uniform. There uniform was a blue tail coat with there numberand letter of their division on the collar and hat. There only weapon was a short woodenbaton. The government had a hard time finding recruits. Most of there men were oldsoldiers, and many of them were dismissed from the force for drunkenness. Later on theforce started to become a real Police force, and the people of London appreciated it. Theofficers also were given many nicknames such as: Blue devils, peeler, and bobby. In 10years the London Metropolitan Police Force cut the number of crimes in London by half.The crimes in Victorian England did not go without it's punishments. In earlyVictorian England Public hanging's were watched by many people, and the stocks wereplaced in the center of town where people would look at you and even beat you andhumiliated you. But in 1838 the...

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