The Creation Of The United States Constitution

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The Creation of the United States Constitution
In 1787 Americans were finally through the revolution and officially independent from England. The need for change to unite and strengthen the new nation was apparent. Though there were many varying opinions of what that change would be, it was unanimous that the Articles of Confederation had to be revised. After the revolution the country’s great minds called a convention, debated over what this new government would be, and in the end ratified a document that would forever be the backbone of the United States.
There were many reasons revolving around the decision to hold a convention to revise the Articles of Confederation. In the aftermath ...view middle of the document...

55 delegates from every state, except Rhode Island, met in Philadelphia in May 1786 (Constitution of the United States- A History).
There were three major plans that were debated about how the federal government should be set up and how much power it should be granted. The Virginia plan, proposed by Edmund Randolph, wanted a strong centralized government with three branches (executive, judiciary, and legislative) to keep one another in check. The way he had proposed it “…”meant a strong consolidated union in which the idea of states should be nearly annihilated”” (Constitution of the United States- A History). The New Jersey Plan opposed the Nationalist position of such a strong central government. It proposed that the position of the states should stay the same and congress should only revise the Articles to “enable the Congress more easily to raise revenues and regulate commerce” (Constitution of the United States- A History). The nationalists, however, had a stronger precedence over the Congress to push for a new government. Hamilton’s plan boldly favored a government more like the British Monarchy. (Constitution of the United States- A History).
The debate over representation of the states was also one that was in a stalemate between the delegates (Constitution of the United States- A History). Larger states wanted a House of Representative with the number of congressman for each state based on the population of state. Smaller states saw this as unfair and wanted a Senate where each state had equal representation (Constitution of the United States- A History). In the Great Compromise the delegates finally came to a decision about how slaves should be represented for taxation purposes. The three-fifths rule made the delegates realize that compromise was going to be inevitable in their decision making to make sure this convention was not a complete waste of time (Constitution of the United States- A History). Some of the major issues that had to be resolved were the regulation of commerce, slavery, and how the president...

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