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The Creation Of Asians Essay

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Creation of Asians

There is always the same or yet similar story of how the universe was created. The world was dark and nonexistent, and God or someone similar created light. From there, he or she created the rest of the universe. There, however, is a story of how the world was actually created…according to the Asians.
The world was not a blob of mystery, lying there in darkness with light or creation to come, yet the world was already created before God’s existence. It all started in the year of -1585 B.T. (Before Time), when Unknown had created the world, as stated again, and had the same intentions as God had created it to be. Dong Bong Shin Ki, as the world was named, was the ...view middle of the document...

In the 500 years of Yunho and Boa, they achieved the outer beyond of what Unknown had wanted them to do because even though Unknown knew what was going to happen, he did not know the specific details because he was busy with Halo. In today’s society, cobras and scorpions are the creatures to be aware of, due to their aggressiveness and poison nature, but with Yunho and Boa, they were best friends with them. They shared food, spent time together, and lived like they were family. One day, Yunho thought of what existed above and beyond the boundaries that they resided in, if there were other people and creatures besides them. They both decided to explore until Boa fell into a pit of mud and turned black. When Yunho looked at Boa he was shocked, and told Boa that she was black. Boa looked at her hands and answered back, what if there are different colors, shapes, and such kind of people? Yunho wondered that, and that was the motivation for searching around the world. For years, Yunho and Boa searched to world, only to find that they were the only existing humans. The years of exploration, however, was not in vain, because they found a way to farm. This was the point to where Unknown finished playing Halo and went to check on Dong Bong Shin Ki to find that they were farming rice and Kimchi. Unknown was very interested with them and watched them continuously. They had a pattern in their lifestyle in which they would farm, talk to each other about life, read books, eat, sleep, and the pattern all over again. Day by day passed, and Yunho and Boa looked less and less like white people. Unknown noticed he should not have played Halo during the years, and was upset of what creations he made. He created his son, God out of his ZRectangle180 and Halo that would watch over the new planet, Earth, not Dong Bong Shin Ki. For what Unknown had told God that in this new planet he will also be cautious of the forbidden fruit of knowledge of good and evil that lie within the...

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