The Count Of Monte Cristo Essay Response

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The Count of Monte Cristo Essay Response

In the novel The Count Of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, the symbolism created by multiple motifs forms many themes throughout the story. The use of direct statements, plot elements settings, symbols, and motifs help to create these themes. Two themes present in the novel include the notion that no man’s power over his fellow man should near the Divine power of justice given by God; also that men who know no suffering can not truly appreciate the peace of contentment. Instead these men become greedy, while only the people who have suffered can truly experience happiness.
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Villefort does this by hiding away a direct link of his family name to the Bonapartist revolution, over saving the life of someone more innocent. Villefort’s life changing decision to condemn others before himself, a murderer, happens not once but twice as he condemns Dantes and his own murdering wife before himself. No person is completely innocent or without fault and therefore cannot place himself above another who has also committed a crime. Secondly, they cannot put aside their own selfish desires, which almost always leads to corruption and injustice.
Providence; or divine right or care often granted by God, also supports this theme. Monte Cristo states that he felt he was given this right by God, to reward and punish those who played a part in his life by stating, “I maintain my pride in the face of men, but I abandon it before God, who drew me out of nothingness to make me what I am.”(212) By taking this extreme amount of power over the lives of others, and feeling that it was his complete right to carry out God’s wishes; The Count places himself above others and believes that with this right, he is more God than he is man. The Count openly admits his self-righteousness by exclaiming that in a bargain with the devil and boasting, “I want to be Providence, for the greatest, the most beautiful and the most sublime thing I know of in this world is to reward and punish….” (213). After trading away his soul, he claims he was granted the life as an “agent of Providence”. By taking on this responsibility he alone placed on himself, The Count plays God and even convinces Caderousse before his death that he is the Lord as shown in Caderousse’s shocked response, and repentance. By acting as an “agent of providence” the count’s ultimate downfall occurs. While punishing his enemies, the count accidentally effects the lives of the innocent, as shown when the Count’s deeds lead to the death of little Edouard. Dumas describes The Count’s remorse and concern after he could not bring the young boy back to life by explaining that Monte Cristo, “…realized that he had gone beyond the limits of rightful vengeance and that he could no longer say ‘God is with me’” (485) For the first time Monte Cristo begins to question whether he ever had the right to decide the fates of the people around him.
Only God has true power and this truth also supports the idea of the limits of human justice. In the end of the novel, as the Count of Monte Cristo evaluates what he has done and what pain he has caused, he realizes that he is only man. By facing this realization he opens up his once alienated and cold heart, to love again and to move on past vengeance by placing his self-appointed duty as the agent of providence back into God’s hands. The Count specifically describes this realization in his farewell letter to Maximilien; “Tell the angel who will watch over your life to pray now and then for a man who, like Satan, believed himself for an instant to be equal to God,...

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