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The Corps Of The Non Commissioned Officers

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The Corps of the Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO) began with the birth of the Continental Army in 1775.

NCO ranks consisted of Corporals, Sergeants, First Sergeants, Quartermaster Sergeants, and Sergeants Major

Duties during that time were as follows:
Sergeant Major kept rosters, formed details, and handled matters concerning the interior management and discipline of the regiment.
Quartermaster Sergeant assisted the regimental quartermaster. He also supervised the proper loading and transport of the regiment's baggage when on march.
First Sergeant enforced discipline and encouraged duty among troops
Sergeants and Corporals were expected to instruct recruits in all matters of ...view middle of the document...

This program provided a number of ways for the enlisted man to attain a high school or college diploma.


In 1950 an unprepared United States again had to commit large numbers of troops in a war a half a world away. The North Korean attack on South Korea stressed American responsibilities overseas. Containment of communist aggression was the official policy of the United States. This meant that American commitments in Asia, Europe and the Pacific would require a strong and combat-ready professional Army. During the Korean War the NCO emerged more prominently as a battle leader than he had in World War II. The steep hills, ridges, narrow valleys and deep gorges forced many units to advance as squads. Korea was the first war America fought with an integrated Army. Black and white soldiers together fought a common foe.

In 1958 the Army added two grades to the NCO ranks. These pay grades, E-8 and E-9, would "provide for a better delineation of responsibilities in the enlisted structure." With the addition of these grades, the ranks of the NCO were corporal, sergeant, staff sergeant, sergeant first class, master sergeant and sergeant major.


America’s strategy of containment continued after the Korean War and the Nation set a course to help its ally South Vietnam defeat communist aggression. In 1965 America made a major commitment in ground troops to...

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