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The Constant Gardener, Think Slavery Is A Thing Of The Past? Think Again

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The Constant Gardener
In John le Carré’s novel “The Constant Gardener” capitalism is brought to the table. A huge pharmaceutical company cares more about money and profit for themselves, than they do about human lives in Africa when they are testing a new drug for tuberculosis with deadly side effects.
The activist Tessa, who is married to a British diplomat, is digging into it but it unfortunately leads to her own death. Her husband Justin who has always been avoiding conflicts and tried not to get involved in anything controversial, is now taking over what Tessa started.
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Think slavery is a thing of the past? Think again
In the article “Think slavery is a thing of the past? Think again” the writer Emily Dugan presents different stories about agricultural work, sex trafficking, child smuggling, drug trade and domestic slavery. There are so many people all over who want to start a better life, being able to start over and create the life they have always wanted.
In this article Dugan writes about being trapped in low-paid jobs and gives examples of those who want to create a better life for their family but are instead being used, which is very similar to the text we read in module 3 “long nights, low pay, no play” where we met Wasim. He traveled to England as an immigrant, and got a job that didn’t pay what he had expected. He was supposed to send money home to his family, but since he was an immigrant he was given a job no one else wanted and they underpaid him.
So I would most definitely say that globalization favors rich countries rather than the poor ones, because the rich abuse their vulnerable wish of creating a better life. And that is a big black howl in today’s community, where those who already have so little will get less and those who have so much will get even more.

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