The Connections Between Artificial Intelligence And Other Fields

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The Connections Between Artificial Intelligence and Other Fields.


Through examples from several fields, this paper will describe the connections between Artificial Intelligence and other areas. Some of these areas make great contributions to AI research, others gain knowledge and technique from that same AI research. This paper will further detail the incredible capacity of AI research to be applied elsewhere to solve similar problems. The goal of this paper is to describe to the reader the impact that AI can create on seemingly unrelated fields.

While Ginsberg defines artificial intelligence as "the enterprise of constructing a physical-symbol system that can ...view middle of the document...

Research completed in the name of "artificial intelligence" has gone a long way toward helping to reach the goals of many other disciplines. Some of these include: medicine, education, the military, and easing life for those with disabilities. None of these areas are particularly attached to the fields of computer science or engineering though it will be shown how each of these fields draws heavily from the vast knowledge base made available by AI research.
Discussion of Research

Ginsberg describes the two major subfields of AI: search and knowledge representation. Each of these can easily be seen as useful for purposes other than AI. To an extent, the reason that they are such a major part of AI is that these two things are capable of managing problems from virtually any source. Any problem that has more than one solution (and you are wishing to find the best or a better solution) can benefit from using search techniques to trim the search space and speed up the process of coming to an solution. Some of the more obvious areas which use searching techniques are games such as chess or checkers, and planning (Ginsberg 11). Any and all problems can benefit from the use of knowledge representation, be it for use by a computer, or a human. If a problem is to be worked on or manipulated in any meaningful way, it will have to be encoded into a form that is meaningful to the researcher, or the machine if a computer is going to process the problem (Ginsberg 11).

In one of the first lectures of this semester, Dr. Dankel described some of the application areas for AI. They include: planning, vision, game playing, and "science and engineering applications". (Dankel 18). He then supplemented these application areas with the corresponding core areas within AI: search, knowledge representation, knowledge and systems, and common sense and problem solving. (Dankel 23). These application and core areas cover such a wide range of topics and approaches that it can be readily shown how other fields can profit. This will be shown through the following examples which outline the contributions of AI on other disciplines.

Several ties during the semester, Dr. Dankel has mentioned his own research on an expert system being used for dentistry. Taking information about the patient, and the patient's problem, the system will describe the most effective procedures for dealing with the problem.

Similar work has been done (by Dr. Dankel I believe) to aid in the treatment of brain tumors in children. The system will again take in information about the patient, and return a schedule of treatments for the physician to administer. Basically, these systems (as with all expert systems) take the knowledge possessed by one or more experts in the field, and via a computer program, makes this knowledge accessible to others.(Dankel Lectures)

This can also be stretched to include care and improvements for those with disabilities. Imagine a paraplegic entering...

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