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The Connection Between The Central Dogma Of Molecular Biology/ Bioinformatics, Model Organism And Drug Designing

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Report on the connection between the Central dogma of Molecular Biology/ Bioinformatics, Model Organism and Drug Designing.

The basis of the central dogma of molecular biology is the expression of the genetic information in any call. It is a universal process that occurs in every cell. The genetic information is stored in the DNA. During gene expression DNA is transcript to RNA and these RNA are transcribed to proteins.
Bioinformatics deals with the genetic information which involves collecting, analyzing, manipulating and predicting etc.
For the functioning of bioinformatics it is essential to know the genetic information that is stored in DNA. Therefore sequencing of DNA, genes ...view middle of the document...

This information could also be used in evolutionary studies, micro array analysis, identification of genetic disorders (Alzheimer’s disease, breast cancer, cystic fibrosis, spinal muscular atrophy etc.)
Discoveries have revealed that despite of the universality of the central dogma the regulation mechanisms in cells tend to create variations in the results of the same genetic material. This denotes the fact that DNA is not the only source of information that is to be used in analyzing genomes, and leads to the study of RNA and protein information. E.g.: Some genes expressed in roots are not expressed in leaves; the same RNA could produce different kinds of proteins due to different ways of splicing as a result of regulation mechanisms.
Bioinformatics plays a vital role in drug designing. Understanding obtained from the analysis of genomes leads to prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. The fundamental in drug designing is the recognition of the pattern in information that can be used to develop drugs. Bioinformatics tools can be used to filter out the molecules, genes that could be used to base drugs.

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