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The Conflict Between Student And Athlete

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In today’s american culture, sports is at the top of numerous popularity surveys lists. With the all the aggression, entertainment, and fun, sports bring to us it’s hard to disagree why sports is so popular. But at times we often tend to put winning in sports over education and equality in schools. For years now schools in the United States have been looking past the word student in student athlete. By changing grades, SATs, and paying them to play. While non-student athletes students receive no where near the same treatment. I believe that football and basketball student-athletes should not have extra benefits, also shouldn’t change grades and SAT scores so they could play, and should be ...view middle of the document...

There has also been a report by ESPN saying that Auburn University football has been changing grades for their players to allow them to play. In which no penalties from the school was given but the NCAA had the morality to punish both teams.
Including the benefits that football and basketball athletes receive in the classroom they also receive things on the field and personally. For years these athletes have been paid for attending the without being caught. But in 2008 and 2010 a report by the NCAA showed that in 2004 the University of Southern California paid Reggie Bush and his family over $25,000 to play for their football team. Another report by espn showed that Auburn University paid Cam Newton $20,000 to play for their team. But football athletes athletes receive even more benefits. They receive a full ride scholarship which takes care of their tuition, books, meal plan, and rooms. While non athletes have to pay for their tuition and etc. They also receive free gear from the top sports companies and clothing. While other students have to pay for their items from the university.
But other people defend what's occurring between the athletes and schools. They argue that athletes work hard for the benefits they inherit because they’re putting their body through relentless stress in training to make themselves better in their sport. They also argue that athletes should not...

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