The Concept Of Belonging Is An Exploration

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Belonging speech
Sean Thompson
The concept of Belonging explores the notions of identity, acceptance, isolation, alienation and the understanding of who we really are. An individual can be marginalised through individual rejection or group alienation which can give the individual strength, courage and dignity to overcome hardship. However an individual may have difficultly keeping balance between conforming to a group and retaining their individual identity. I believe that individuals who are members of an isolated group in society can be alienated from that group, causing them to be the most desperate and disadvantaged people in society.
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Similarly, Delilah is blamed for her grandmother’s death. She is accused of not adequately caring for her by the other distressed women in the community. Consequently they aggressively bash her. Both of these are examples of an individual being alienated by an already isolated community. Thus Samson and Delilah are united be their alienation and decide to leave the community.
In ‘A Clockwork Orange’, Alex and his gang of violent young droogs are not isolated physically but are isolated because they are a violent youth subculture. They are also bound together by unwritten rules. Alex’s main rule is that all the droogs must follow him. When the droogs suggest that decisions can be more democratic, Alex attacks them with a razor to reassert his authority. Burgess unites his gang, and isolates them from the rest of society by having them speak a dialect of English. They are also united by their love of violence. Ironically, it is Alex’s use of violence against his own gang members which alienates him from them, resulting in his arrest. Burgess builds tension...

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