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The Computer Component Calculator Essay

927 words - 4 pages

Assignment 2 - Calculate the total price to purchase all the components required to build a state-of-the-art gaming computer from components available on the internet.


Input: the user’s choice for motherboard, CPU, and hard drive.

Process: The program will know the predetermined costs of the other components, BaseCost.
The input consists of the CPU choice, the motherboard choice, and hard drive choice submodules, CPU_Choice, MB_Choice, and HDD_Choice. The user will enter a choice for an option.
The program will determine the corresponding cost of the options: CPUCost, MBCost, and HDDCost.
The total cost of the computer system is calculated by the sum of all the ...view middle of the document...

Alexander 20140223

//Declare variables used for total
Declare CPUCost as Float
Declare MBCost as Float
Declare HDDCost as Float
Declare BaseCost as Float
Declare TotalSystemCost as Float

//Declare variables used for base cost
Declare CaseCost as Float
Declare PowerSupplyCost as Float
Declare RAMCost as Float
Declare DVDCost as Float
Declare SoundCardCost as Float
Declare MonitorCost as Float
Declare GraphicsCardCost as Float
Declare OperatingSystemCost as Float

//Calculate base computer cost
Set CaseCost = 150.00
Set PowerSupplyCost = 235.00
Set RAMCost = 599.99
Set DVDCost = 145.00
Set SoundCardCost= 275.50
Set MonitorCost = 499.99
Set GraphicsCardCost = 376.99
Set OperatingSystemCost = 199.99
//BaseCost will be $2482.46
Set BaseCost= CaseCost + PowerSupplyCost + MotherboardCost + HardDriveCost + RAMCost + DVDCost + SoundCardCost + MonitorCost + GraphicsCardCost + OperatingSystemCost

//Display welcome message
Write “The Computer Component Calculator”
Write “The Current Price Of Your Computer: $ ” + BaseCost
Write “Make Your Selection From The Following Menus”

//Declare variable used for main menu
Declare Choice As Integer

//Display main menu
Write “To Select A CPU………………………..enter 1”
Write “To Select A Motherboard…………….....enter 2”
Write “To Select A Hard Drive…………………enter 3”
Write “To Quit…………………………………..enter 4”
Input Choice

//Options the user can enter to navigate
Select Case of Choice
Case “1”:
Call CPU_Choice submodule
Case “2”:
Call MB_Choice submodule
Case “3”:
Call HDD_Choice submodule
Case “4”:
Write “Goodbye”
Write ”Your Response Was Invalid”
End Case

//User choice for CPU
Call CPU_Choice module

//User choice for Motherboard
Call MB_Choice module

//User choice for Hard Drive
Call HDD_Choice module

//Display the output results
Call Display_TotalSystemCost
//Calculate total computer cost
Set TotalSystemCost = CPUCost + MBCost + HDDCost + BaseCost

End//End Main

Submodule CPU_Choice

Clear Screen
//This module prompts the user to enter a choice
//The menu displays the choices

Declare CPUChoice As Character

//Display the menu
//Prompt user for the...

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