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The Comprehensive Project Plan Essay

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The comprehensive project plan
Bus 375- Project Management
Strayer University- Campus

Project Motorcycles
1. Describe the project scope and project management plan. Align your plan to the overall strategy that you had recommended to the senior executives in Assignment 2.
Defining the project scope is very important in determining whether or not the project will be viable. If the project scope definition is incomplete, there will be very many difficulties regarding the project, especially in the early stages of the project (Fageha & Aibinu, 2013).
The project that the department will be undertaking will be to develop and manufacture larger touring class motorcycles. ...view middle of the document...

This system will save money that would have been spent in hiring workers from outside the company.
The organisational structure in the department will be the flat organisation structure. There will be close association between the managers and the entire staff from top to bottom. Any member in the department will be able to approach the head of the department directly. This will ensure quick bottom-up communication as well as top-down communication.
A risk assessment of the project will be carried out before the commencement of the project. Risk mitigation strategies such as risk acceptance, risk avoidance and risk limitation will be put in place to deal with these risks. The department will also plan for contingencies in the course of the project to avoid paralysing the project.
Procurement procedures will include authorisation on three different levels: the technician, the supervisor and the head of the department. Phase exit reviews will be conducted at various stages of the project to determine whether the project should proceed to the next stage. Progress information will also be gathered at every step of the project to assess the gains and drawbacks of the project.
Finally, the approach of closure approach will be identified once the product has been tested and found to be satisfactory. The closure approach will involve both financial closure as well as archiving project materials. Proper documentation of the project will also be done for future reference.
2. Analyse the type of staff that your company would need in order to make the manufacturing switch to motorcycles with larger motors.
One of the most important attributes that the staff should have in the project is knowledge. They should be experts in their respective fields so that the project becomes a success. They should be up-to-date with the most current trends in their respective fields so as to give the company an upper edge over the other players in the market. For example, the designers should be conversant with the latest design and modelling software’s. They should do this to avoid coming up with designs that are out of touch with the current trends (Walters, 2010).
The staff should also have considerable experience. Experience will help them know the procedures to take and those to avoid. They will be able to perform certain tasks faster and more accurate than those without experience.
The staff should also be creative. Since the aim of the project is to develop larger motorcycles, the staff should be very creative in coming up with designs as well as putting the designs into practice. The project manager should encourage creativity by creating a platform where each member of staff is able to give his or her ideas on the project.
The staff should be hardworking. Hard work is required to ensure high standards of discipline and work are kept throughout the project. The staff should also be cooperative. They should follow instructions from the project manager as...

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