The Components Of Fitness Essay

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The Components of Fitness

Since football is an invasion game, to play it I need a relatively
good standard of all round physical fitness. All different aspects of
fitness need to be of a high quality, these include skill related
fitness, cardiovascular fitness and muscular fitness.

Now I will explain in more detail what aspects of fitness I need and
why I need them to be excellent to perform at my best.

Skill Related

Speed - Speed is vital because as a central midfielder I need to be
first to the ball before my opposite number. It is also important for
making forward runs as they need to be made quickly to catch the
defenders off guard. Furthermore, speed helps when attempting to get
past an opponent with the ball because when a skill is executed,
acceleration is needed to then get away from the ...view middle of the document...

Agility - Agility is very important in football because I need to have
very quick feet to perform skills to get past defenders. It is also
vital because the game is so unpredictable, if the ball came to me in
an awkward position I would need to rapidly adapt my body to execute
to move I wish to do.

Cardiovascular Fitness

Stamina - To play football at a relatively high standard the need for
good cardiovascular fitness is crucial (especially when playing in
central midfield). If a midfielder was fully fit they should cover
approximately 6400m in the first half and 6000m in the second. 28% of
this would be at a walking pace and 26% would be sprinting full out.
The rest would be jogging at a variety of different paces.

Muscular Fitness

Strength - A fundamental level of strength is important when playing
football. Not necessarily being really muscular but having a good
muscle to weight ratio is useful to have. The main thing is being able
to hold your own, if you can do that then the other factors such as
speed, agility and power should take care of everything else.

Flexibility - It is good to be flexible when playing football because
it obviously means you can stretch further in tackles or just to
obtain the ball. However it also means that you are less likely to
attain injuries whilst playing.

Muscular Endurance - Muscular endurance is critical when playing
football because the sport is very demanding to nearly every part of
the body (especially quadriceps, hamstrings and gastrocnemius') for
the whole 90 minutes. If a player doesn't have good muscular endurance
then they are likely to get cramp in their muscles towards the end of
the match which would hinder their play and maybe result in them being
taken off the field.

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