The Comparison Of Inner Conflicts Of Nathanial Hawthorne’s Characters

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The Comparison of Inner Conflicts of Nathanial Hawthorne’s Characters
By: Francisco Avilez
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Nathaniel Hawthorne’s stories consist of individuals that suffer from inner conflicts that are caused by sin, pride, untested innocence, hidden guilt, perverse secrecy, cold intellectuality, and isolation. In his stories “The Minister’s Black Veil", “The Birth Mark” and “Rapaccini’s Daughter” all suffer from pride, perverse secrecy, and sin. In these tree stories, Hawthorn’s characters use science and mind control to manipulate their victims resulting from their obsession to be or act like God. Neither of his characters felt as if they have sinned or show any remorse for their victims or ...view middle of the document...

No one understood why he wore the black veil, which everyone considered horrifying. Many considered the reasoning behind the veil was a symbol of his own secret sin and was trying to hide his sins behind the black veil. Mr. Hooper was knowledgeable that his community found his veil very disturbing. All he had to do was lift the veil and show that it is still the same Mr. Hooper that everyone knew. Even when his bride to be asked him to show his face or she would not marry him, Mr. Hooper still refused and continued to wear the horrifying veil. In the minister’s last days he continued to wear the veil and wished to be buried with it and without anyone reveling his face to the world. So Mr. Hooper took his secret sin and pride to his grave, never giving any reason for his actions.
In the story “The Birth Mark” by Nathanial Hawthorn, there is a scientist named Aylmer who is devoted to his studies of science, and is obsessed with correcting what he thinks are mistakes made by God (Hawthorn). He meets Georgiana, a young gorgeous girl, who Aylmer marries. Georgiana has a small red birthmark on her right cheek that its shape resembles that of a small hand, which Aylmer considers it an imperfection made by God (Hawthorn). Through Georgiana’s birthmark, Aylmer leads him-self to a world of sin, by obsessing to be a perfectionist. Aylmer than persuades his wife to think that her birthmark is an imperfection made by God and that he has the ability to remove it. Originally, Georgiana was against the whole idea about removing her birthmark because she believed that her husband married her because of love and is supposed to love her with all her flaws she may have. Aylmer continues to obsess over his wife’s birthmark and looks at her with discuss (Hawthorn). Georgiana’s love for her husband makes her reconsider, and decides to let her husband who she trust and admires, to remove the one thing that he considers as and imperfection. As a scientist, Aylmer is familiar with the consequences of the experiment, which he is about to perform on his beloved wife (Hawthorn). There has been one other scientist who has attempted the same experiment as Aylmer wants to perform on his supposed beloved wife and was unsuccessful, and resulted in death. Knowing the consequences, Aylmer still wants to continue with the experiment and waits to tell his wife of the possible side-effects of the procedure. All Aylmer wants is to perform the role of a creator. Here Aylmer suffers from the sin of trying to mimic the role of God and thinks that through science he can do the unthinkable. Aylmer even says “call me God if you wish (Hawthorn).” He then then gives Georgiana a potion he prepared for her which will correct her horrifying mark on her face and make her the perfect wife; shortly after, her life came to an end. Aylmer just stood over his wife’s corps and took notes. He did not show any remorse or gilt towards his actions. Aylmer’s obsession to be a perfectionist and desire to...

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