The Communication Process Essay

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The Communication Process

Communication is defined by the Oxford dictionary as the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium (Oxford, 2013). At its fundamental basis communication represents the quality and proficiency that one is able to send and receive messages. However, communication as an academic discourse and its implied relationship to leadership, yield wide-ranging and often ambiguous results. Perhaps the is due to the observations that “from a sociological perspective communication is perhaps one of the most extensively studied of all aspects of human behavior (Ogreene, 2013). Communication is essential to being an effective leader. ...view middle of the document...

Verbal communication, which is the most direct form of communication, (Langton, Robbins & Judge, 2012) is regarded as an efficient effective way to get a message to a receiver. However, it is the sender’s intended interpretation of the message by the receiver, that fulfills that the requirements for effective and successful communication. The code is crucial in this process because it is vital in determining how a sign or message is understood. Due to the fact that the code is the context of understanding a successful leader needs to recognize the backgrounds, motivations and other intrinsic characteristics of the receiver. Due to verbal communications dynamic and individualistic nature a leader needs to be comfortable speaking in a variety of both formal and informal situations. In today’s work environment verbal communication can take place face-to-face between individuals or a group, remotely over the phone, and via online platforms such as Skype.

Non-linguistic communication refers to body language and the visual social cues that leaders and workers interpret while participating in the verbal process. If used well, body language can make a significant contribution to the effectiveness of communication (Buguley, 1994). Body language is often used to communicate feelings, and is not always consciously used or perceived. Leaders can use the subconscious nature of body language to their advantage of in order to both send a receive messages.

Lastly, written communication allows for a leader to effectively communicate within the workplace. For those with strong writing skills, written communication allows for individual style and authority to come through in a message. A primary benefit of written communication is that it can be corrected and modified up until the point that...

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