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The Common Causes Of Sports Injuries

649 words - 3 pages

Cerone Brown

Professor Cawley

Eng. 101

May 11, 2012

The Common Causes of Sports Injuries.

Sport injuries are an epidemic in the U.S. and there’s little anybody can do

to stop them. The good part of partaking in athletics is that it’s a great way to get

and stay in shape. The bad part is suffering an injury in competition can flush a

potential winning season down the drain. The ugly is that a sports injury can effect

more than just a season; it can affect an athlete’s life even when he/she stops

playing. Since sports injuries are so prevalent, I will explore specific ways to help

Prevent such painful acts to occur. Pay attention and be sure to consider the tips on

the causes and prevention of sports injuries.

Stretching and warming up is focal step in the attempt to prevent injuries.

Growing up playing numerous of sports, I was always told to stretch before playing.

Stretching before playing was emphasized by my coaches ...view middle of the document...

This reality explains when a pulled muscle comes into play.

Have you ever played a game where two people race toward

each other in a car and the first one to give up wins! The game is

exhilarating to say the least but the consequences of not giving up can cause a head

on impact that will be sure to make a mark or worse. The same scenario applies

with sport injuries. The impact of the two cars colliding is similar to two human

beings colliding with each other. The difference lies in the impact and the

momentum. It’s fun to play but a collision can cause a bruise, tear, or break and even

death in some sports. Athletes must try to avoid a crash or collision. Proper

equipment should reduce impact also.

Overuse injuries occur when excessive and repetitive force is placed on the

bones and other connective tissues of the body (Browne). Overuse injuries can be

caused by not training properly. In a situation were someone was to

Hop in the gym early to prep for an upcoming season and they do a few reps without

a trainer and hurt themselves is one example. Another example

is using poor techniques in the weight room. Common overuse injuries include

tendonitis, tennis elbow, and shin splits (Quinn). Reducing the intensity and

duration during the workouts can help an athlete avoid injury.

Whenever the decision is made to play any sport be cautious of the steps

taking while working out. Be sure to stretch and/or warm-up before and after

games and workouts. Have a trainer close by to monitor the progress of the exercise.

This might be tough to do but try to avoid collisions at all cost and have fun!

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