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The Color Purple By Alice Walker

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The story of The Color Purple begins with a fourteen year old girl named Celie who was raped repeatedly by her step-father. The only one she was told to speak to was God, so she did this by writing him daily letters. The book starts out in the first letter with Celie describing how and why she is pregnant with her second child. This child was the result of her getting raped by her step-father, Alphonso. At the time, Celie believes that Alphonso is her real father because
that is what her mother has always told her. Her mother ends up dying shortly after, and her step-father brings home a new wife. Although he has a new wife, he continues to abuse and rape Celie.
Celie never saw her ...view middle of the document...

Harpo is the son of Albert, and he belonged to his father's first marriage. Harpo tries to beat his wife, Sofia, so that she will be as obedient as Celie. However, he soon learns that Sofia is a strong woman and won't take any beating from anyone. She leaves Harpo, takes their children, and goes to live with her sister. To Celie, Sofia is just another hero who can speak for herself and not be afraid of any man.
After many long months with no word from Sofia, Harpo knows she isn't coming back home. He decides to move on with his life by turning their house into a saloon and asks Shug, who is a talented popular singer, to come sing for him. The saloon does well and everyone seems to be happy. Harpo found another girl by the name of Mary Agnes, but goes by Squeak.
One day while Sofia was in town the mayor's wife starts making small talk with Sofia about coming to work for her as a maid, which was the wrong thing to say. She fights back and gets put in jail for sassing the mayor's wife, and for knocking the mayor down. Being in jail breaks Sofia's spirit and she would've died if her friends had not figured out a way to get her out. They got her a job working as a maid in a white woman's house. This was exactly what she never wanted to become, a white woman's maid. She regains her health, but her spirit is still broken.
Celie and Albert didn't love each other, they'd married for convenience, or at least Albert had; Celie had no choice. Then Albert's ex-lover, Shug Avery, came to live with them. Shug was extremely sick, but soon got better under Celie's care. Celie wasn't jealous that Shug had come to live with them because she was infatuated with Shug. She cared nothing for her husband. Celie first learned what love was with Shug; they needed each other mutually for love and respect. It was Shug who found the letters from Nettie that Mr._____ had been keeping from Celie, and it was she who taught her how to stand up for herself.
When Shug finds out a way to get Mr._____ out of the house, she sneaks into his trunk and gets out all of Nettie's letters she wrote to her sister. From Nettie's letters Celie finds out that the man who raised...

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