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The Color Of Water Essay

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The Color of Water
The book ‘The Color of Water’ tells the story of a black boy’s life living with his white mother. His mother considered herself light skinned, not black but certainly not white. James, the boy, he had 12 siblings, which was hard for Mameh (what they called their mom) to keep up with all of them. Mameh barely had friends because of her appearance. Mameh was an orthodox Jew who married 2 black men and had eight children by one man and had four more by another to make an equal twelve.
There is two point of views in this book. The odd chapters are the chapter about Ruth (Mameh), who is also the narrator, explaining her life and the even chapters are about James explaining ...view middle of the document...

Including his problem with drug obsession, especially marijuana, which he referred to it as his friend.
His mom suffered of tragedy from her second husband’s death. She couldn’t drive so she rode a bike throughout the black neighborhood. . The bicycle is a symbol, representing Mameh’s outlet of being able to cope with her second husband’s death by having it become an escape from reality, and yet negotiating what her reality has become as well.
Later on in the book, when the family of Mameh and her children move to Delaware, James becomes increasingly involved with jazz. He joined a jazz band. James was selected to travel to Europe with the American Youth Jazz Band. But it wasn’t free, so he paid for him to go. He was able to take a trip to Europe, advertised by a white couple named the Dawsons. In exchange, he had to work on their estate on weekends and during the summer. He got fired, but was still able to go to Europe.
A couple of years later from when Mrs. Dawson fired James, when he had gotten accepted to Oberlin College, he received a letter that had Ms. Dawson say her husband had died suddenly of cancer. Later that day, James was standing on the street with a...

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