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The Civil War And Its Causes

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The Civil War and its Causes

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Civil War Timeline

1787-The Constitution is ratified, replacing the Articles of Confederation ans placing more power in the hands of the federal government. This was a decision with with the South did not agree, as they were proponents of states rights.
1848- As a result of the end of the Mexican War, the United States gained possession of various western territories. This new addition of land led to the debate of whether or not slavery was to be allowed in these areas.
1850-In an effort to make a fair decision, the Compromise of 1850 was enacted by Congress. This act declared California and free land and gave ...view middle of the document...

Scott argued that he was held as a slave while living in a free state. The courts countered that while this was true, Scott had been put into slavery originally while in a non-free state and had been transported to a free state by his owner. Since this was the case, Scott was still considered property and denied his freedom. This ruling further fueled the abolition movement.
1857-The proposed LeCompton Constitution was rejected in court. This proposition was an attempt to make Kansas into a slave state, but was fought by anti-slavery groups, who eventually got the proposition declared null.
1859-John Brown, a vocal and active abolitionist, led a raid on a Harper's Ferry, Virginia, arsenal. Brown and his people were eventually captured by General Robert E. Lee and hung for treason.
1860-Abraham Lincoln was elected president. Lincoln was a known opponent to the expansion of slavery and his election fueled bitterness and anger from slavery proponents of slavery.

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Events Leading to the Civil War

The United States was founded on several principles. These ideals were ones that were designed to grant freedom to all who came to this land looking for a better life, free from tyranny and oppression. Many battles were fought and settlers made homesteads throughout the thirteen colonies. What then, led to the dissension and discord that eventually caused two main groups of settlers and descendants to turn on each other in a fight for a different freedom, leading to the American Civil War?
One of the main causes of the Civil War was the issue of states' rights. The Southern states, also known as the Confederacy, were huge proponents of states rights, In the period between the American Revolution and ultimate ratification of the United States Constitution, there were rules under the Articles of Confederation that granted most decision making powers to individual states, rather than the federal government. With the ratification of the Constitution on September 17, 1787 , a much more powerful federal government was established. This is evident under Article Six of the United States Constitution. This passage caused animosity between Northern and Southern states as the North generally favored a federal government and the South generally favored states' rights.
Another main issues and the most prominent issue that led to the Civil War was slavery. While slavery existed in North America even before English settlers arrived, English settlers began bringing slaves from Africa in 1607, with Virginia being the first known colony to have slaves and slave-owners.

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While most slaves were African-Americans, there were also Native Americans used as slaves. Before chattel slavery, which was outright ownership of a slave, the colonies employed a method of indentured servants, in which slaves worked off their transport to North America and their care. Much of the lands that were fertile and...

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