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The City Of The Sun Essay

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By: A. Student In Tommaso Campanella?s document, The City of the Sun, a new social order is introduced amongst the Solarians. Campanella presents his readers with a utopian society that is ordered by rationality and reason. This ideal visionary is a redeemed world, free from injustice and competition in the market structure. Campanella, however, grew up in a society that was exploited and based on irrational principles. Campanella, therefore, reconstructs a society that operates in opposition to the one that he considers to be corrupt and irrational. The document, The City of the Sun, can be used to critically compare the social and political order that exists today. Moreover, Campanella?s ...view middle of the document...

Also, ones level of knowledge determines the pursuit of happiness an individual will receive in the city of the Sun. The Solarians are granted the opportunity to alter their status if they desire, and live a life according to their standards. Campanella directly criticizes the society he grew up in by stating in his dialogue, why the Solarians mock the material world for the way it is structured: Thus they laugh at us because we consider craftsmen ignoble and assign nobility to those who are ignorant of every craft and live in idleness, keeping a host of dissolute and idle servants about them to the great detriment of the state (Campanella 43). Today, similar patterns emerge as specific races, as well as females, endure the hardships of being exposed to discrimination. These individuals are restrained from achieving success or power, and are often restricted in their educational opportunities. Not every person born into society is entitled to an education, for several members are unable to pursue an education due to financial barriers. Often these victims are bright and intellectually capable of achieving positions of leadership; however, they still remain at the bottom of the hierarchy. On the other hand, the Solarians are all granted an...

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