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Application Case: Jack Nelson’s Problems
Q 1: What Do you think is causing some of the problems in the bank`s home office and branches.
ANSWER: In the local Bank Jack Nelson started to work as a new member of the board of director. Bank is facing some problem which is causing by the bank`s home office and branches. Those causing problems are –
* Bank employee turnover is higher than other local bank that has been continuing for eight years. High employee turnover become highly expensive especially for lower paying job that is bringing bad impact for the company.
* Every company follows a standardized recruitment process. However, this bank has no standardized process for recruitment. By which they are facing problem to hire qualified people.
* In this bank they also have lack of communication process because of that all branch office hired employee without communicate with home office.
* Bank supervisor have ...view middle of the document...

HR unite can hire qualified people for the right post of departments in the firm. We can see in the passage that the firm have problem in communication sector. The HR unit can fixed the firm communication system by creating a bridge of communication between home office and branches. HR unit also can reduce high employee turnover cost by that HR unit will increase training opportunity for employees by that they will get employees that are more experienced. HR unit can set consultancy service for employees who are facing problem in their job. The unit also can monitor the employee’s behavior to control their activities.
Therefore, we can say that, if the bank create HR unit the present situation will change tremendously.
Q 3: What specific functions should an HR unit carry out? What HR functions would then be carried out by super-visors and other line managers? What role should the Internet play in the new HR organization?
ANSWER: Bellow discussing the functions of HR unit,
* HR unit need to carry out some specific functions if the bank creates the HR unit. Those Functions are:
* HR unit need to create qualified employees for the firm.
* Train the employees to become more qualified.
* HR unit need to fix the salary of employees.
* HR units also need to provide incentives.
* Every organization has supervisor and line managers who supervise and manage employees. In this local bank, the supervisor did not pay enough attention to their employees and line managers did not maintain their duties. So, supervisor and line managers need to carry out some functions. Those functions are :
* Communicating with the HR unit about the vacancies is available in the firm.
* Supervisor and line managers need to report about the employee’s performance.
* Now in this era, internet is compulsory for every organization, which helps to gain access to unlimited data and functions. so the role of internet will be -
* Internet enables quick communication.
* Internet will smooth operation of business.
From above mention point, we can see that if HR unit, Supervisor and line managers also the firm with internet maintain their functions the firm will not face problems.

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