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The Chrysalids The Power Of Fear

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The driven state of fear gives humans the power to destroy. “The Chrysalids” by John Wyndham and the historical event of African American slavery demonstrate the consequences of the power of fear. Differences within human beings create fear that makes people discriminate against those that are different. Misconnections of religious values within human beings allow people to torture others. Defending a discrepancy within the human race create anxiety that makes people kill others. By examining prejudice, torture and death, it is proven that consequences lie within the power of fear.
Human beings who are different from normal humans become a suspect of prejudice. In The ...view middle of the document...

This reveals that human beings who are different are discriminated against. Therefore, humans fear others who are different in appearance.
The fear of impurities within religious and human beliefs allows people to torture others. In The Chrysalids, everyone living within the region of Waknuk is pure to the image of God. Anyone who was not pure to the image of God is thought to be a deviation and should be tortured. For instance, David is tormented by Joseph Storm for calling upon the impurities of the Definition of Man. Even though David is the son of Joseph Storm, the fear of his own son talking about impurities of the Norm results in David getting tormented. Joseph Storm said to David, “Were you, or were you not, expressing dissatisfaction with the form of the body God gave you – the form in His own image?” (Wyndham 27). Joseph Storm heard David’s wish upon a third hand and thought that his own son was expressing dissatisfaction with the Norm. A slight impurity between the images of the Norm brought on the power of fear. Similarly, in the history of African American slavery, the African Americans were always being considered as the lower part of the hierarchical society in America. At that time, the white people believed that since the African Americans are black, they should not be respected among the normal citizens of America. On the contrary, the African Americans believed everyone should be treated equally with respect and not judged by their skin color. Because of this, African Americans fought for the freedom they deserve. As a result, the Americans disagreed and feared the impurity of the human beliefs that were among the Africans. This reveals that the fears of impurities among human religious beliefs allow people to be tortured.
The power of fear that emerges from defending a discrepancy within the human race encourages people to kill. In The Chrysalids, the group of telepathies is trying to protect their identity as a deviated...

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