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The Christmas Truce Essay

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Brittany Prunsky
Episodes of World War I

The Christmas Truce of 1914

“Christmas Eve was, in the way of weather, everything that Christmas Eve should be’. Christmas Day itself was a perfect day. A beautiful, cloudless blue sky. The ground hard and white ... It was such a day as is invariably depicted by artists on Christmas cards - the ideal Christmas Day of fiction. And indeed, the curious manifestations taking place along considerable stretches of the British front that day had a look of the most surprising fiction” (Terraine). The wonderful events that occurred over the Christmas holiday of 1914 revealed to all that the human spirit seems to have a way of peaking through at rather ...view middle of the document...

Spirits were also kept high after the British newspapers sent out advertisements calling for parcels to be sent out to soldiers for Christmas and after having received Christmas packages from home, men on enemy and friendly lines joyfully sang Christmas songs in their separated camps at nightfall on Christmas Eve (Brown). Due to the close proximity of opposing trenches, men were easily able to hear singing across the front lines, which somewhat humanized the enemy and filled many men with a sense of compassion and curiosity realizing that their opponent was too enduring the same unbearable conditions. The winter of 1914 was terribly rainy, snowy, and cold making living miserable for the soldiers in the trenches (Brown). Then the unthinkable happened, German soldiers emerged from their trenches, walking out into the span of land between enemy lines, known as no-man’s-land, and shouted, “Merry Christmas” to the British soldiers. In fear that it was only a trick, British soldiers remained weary until noticing that they were unarmed and started to join them in no-man’s-land (Cleaver, Park). On December 24th, 1914 stretches of opposing trenches ceased fire on the Western Front. Men from both sides came together in singing Christmas carols in their native languages, as well as exchanging gifts, such a cigarettes and alcohol. In an article from The Times on January 1st, 1915 a letter from a British soldier read, “The singing and playing continued all night, and the next day, our fellows paid a visit to the German trenches and they did likewise. Cigarettes, cigars, addresses, etc., were exchanged, and every one, friend and foe, were real good pals “(“Letters From The Front 1”). Photographs were even taken of enemy soldiers celebrating Christmas together in good spirits (“Fraternizing Between the Lines”). Not only did the exchange of gifts take place, it is said that the men actually faced each other in a football game. In The Times, an article was published with a letter from a soldier explaining how a British soldier brought a football out of his trench and legendarily beat the Germans 3-2 (“Letters From The Front 1”). Men were astonished to see the friendliness exchanged by so many. The placing of Christmas trees and candles on German parapets also instilled Christmas joy because both side did indeed share the same “Christmas imagery, centred around the fir tree from the vast forests of the European north” (Terraine). In addition to the socializing, this time gave troops time to retrieve deceased men from no-man’s-land and give them a proper burial, which was extremely dangerous during normal wartime. This organic fraternization allowed both sides to take a break from the horrifying hostilities men constantly faced and give troops a slight sense of normality on a special day that meant so much to both sides.

Although not all were lucky enough to partake in the truce, many brigades were able to cease-fire and fraternize with their...

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