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The Child Called It Essay

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A Child Called “It” By:David Pelzer

I chose the book, The Child Called “It” because one of my friends told me about the book. The whole story line caught my attention. I was amazed at what was going on in this boy’s life. This book, a true story, is very emotional. The title relates to the book because his mother calls the boy, David Pelzer, “It”. She does not call him by his real name. His mother treats him like he is nothing but an object. Also, I think the title fits well because it catches people’s attention and gives a clue what the book is about.

The author is attempting to teach the readers that no one should treat people this badly. David is an innocent child and does ...view middle of the document...

David’s father is caring and understanding, but cannot help David escape. The mother and father drastically change after the alcohol abuse. David also changes in his attitude towards his parents.

At first, David cares that his mother treats him badly. After awhile, he doesn’t care and becomes apathetic. Finally, David tries fighting back against his parents. David’s mother was a good mother, and then she starts drinking and getting abusive. David’s caring father defends David in the beginning. Later on, his father just gives up because he cannot do anything more to protect David. I do not see why David just does not leave his family. His mother’s actions are unbelievable. At times, I can see why David stays. However when he gets stabbed, he definitely should have gotten help. Its father is also not trustworthy because he is never able to save David from the abuse.

David tells the story of his horrible abusive childhood. David is very effective and knows how to reach out to the readers. The readers become engrossed in the book and sympathetic towards David. Pelzer explains a lot of details on how he is beat, and his cruel punishments. The details make the readers more angry and sympathetic.

The plot is very simple. His alcoholic mother abuses David for the littlest reasons. Not...

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