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The Characteristics That Makes A Good Student

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The Characteristics that make a good student. Whether or not, yet you think it is important to be a good student. The things that you have done or will do to become a good student. What are you willing to sacrafice to be a good student.

In life as I went through the education system, I realized that there were three kinds of students. There were the good students, the average students and the bad students. Many people strive to be in the category of the good student, many settle for the category of the average student and some just don’t care so they end up being placed in the category of the bad student. I find that the most important of those categories is the category of the good ...view middle of the document...

They are polite and respectful. Good students demonstrate that they care for their grades and will show that they are willing to improve them. A good student is diligent and honest. Good students tend to use critical thinking and reflection to get well honored answers. A good student manages their time wisely. A good student completes all assignments on time. A good student follows all school rules and always try to do their best. Apart from those characteristics, every good student has their own way to succeed, because they are all individuals.
What I find fascinating is that all of these good students cherish the importance of being a good student. I feel that being a good student is very important. Your success in school usually determines your success in the future. Rarely have you seen that a person is a good student and in their near future becomes a slacker. Being a good student usually becomes a habit and it becomes a habit that sticks with you for the rest of your life. Being a good student is important because it gives you good leadership skills. It trains you for the near future.
Now there are some things that you have to do in life to get ahead. You have to do something in order to get somewhere, whether it be something that will make you get ahead or something that will make you fall behind. A good model student usually studies hard and always stays focused. I have stayed up late...

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