The Characteristics Of Ponyboy And How They Developed In The Outsiders By S. E. Hinton

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The Characteristics of Ponyboy and How They Developed inThe Outsiders by S. E. Hinton

The novel "The Outsiders", by S.E. Hinton was based on a character
called Ponyboy. He has long light-brown, almost red hair and
greenish-grey eyes. It was normal for him to have long hair because he
was classified as a "greaser", a boy on the East Side. The only people
he has for a family are his two older brothers and his neighbours, the
other greasers. Throughout the book it shows you the development of
him becoming more mature and how he handles life's challenges without
his parents.

Ponyboy was very different from the other greasers. At the movie
theater he would like to watch sad films alone so he can cry without
being humiliated. When bored Ponyboy would either bizarrely read any
books, which laid on the floor or draw pictures. The one quality he
hid from the rest of the greasers was enjoying the beauty of a sunset.
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Ponyboy was very loyal to the greasers and considered them as his
family. Hungout with them at night and did anything they wanted him to
do. There were always ongoing disputes between the Socs and Greasers.
They hated the Socs and Ponyboy would eagerly participate in fighting
them in the rumbles. Sadly the fighting went too far. Soon afterwards
he found himself being drowned in the fountain by the Socs. His best
friend, Johnny, murdered the Soc that tried to drown him and Ponyboy
decided to runaway to the Country with him.

Ponyboy had a stressful nature about him and used a cigarette to
relieve his problems. "I want a cigarette. I want a cigarette. I want
a cigarette." The quotation expressed how this tool was the only thing
that was a stress reliever for him. In various tense situations it was
a very handy pacifier for him such as: When he thought he might go to
jail for killing a soc, but not realizing it was really Johnny who had
done it; running out of town without telling his brothers; if the
judge would send him to an orphanage because he thought Darry wasn't a
good guardian for him; just before rumbles.

Ponyboy had a very sensitive side toward his friends particularly his
best friend, Johnny. He was very devastated and grieved over his
death. "You read about people looking peacefully asleep when they're
dead, but they don't Johnny just looked dead. Like a candle with the
flame gone." This quotation describes how sad Ponyboy was about the
appearance of Johnny's dead body. He denied and convinced himself that
Johnny wasn't even dead. Later, Ponyboy had to face reality and
realize Johnny was gone forever. Ponyboy was given a book with an
unexpected note., "Gone with the Wind" from Johnny after he died. This
note, which Ponyboy received, made him think about life and the book
made him think about Johnny.

Ponyboy finally feels grateful. At the end of the novel, he becomes a
better person and appreciates what he has. He realizes not everyone
has a family like he does, which looks after him and takes care of
him. Also learns its better to enjoy life and Life is too short to

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