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The Change Of Superman Essay

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The Change of Superman over the Years

The Man of Steel or Superman as most would know him debuted to the world in June 1938 in Action Comics #1. Superman’s powers have not always been what they are today. Not only have they evolved in strength but some have disappeared. The costume that Superman wore has been altered over time in appearance. The films of Superman have transformed. The actors have changed from film to film and this has reconditioned how the character is perceived. Superman has diversified since his creation and this is evident in the character, the comics and films.

When Superman was first created in 1938 he was given the power to lift a car, run like a speeding ...view middle of the document...

When he was first created it was a solid “V” shape with an “S” in the middle, many years later it had changed to a diamond shaped outline with the “S”. The colors of Superman’s costumes and shields have changed also, from blue, red and yellow to black and silver. They have even changed his costume to burgundy and dark blue in the latest film “Superman Returns”. Although the physical attributes of Superman have changed over the years the creators have still stayed true to the characters overall design.

Superman the man, the legend has been played by various actors throughout the years. Actors such as Christopher Reeves, Dean Cain and most recently Tom Welling have all been involved in the portrayal of Superman. The late Christopher Reeves was the first actor to play superman on the big screen. His powers from start to finish in this tetra log had changed. His mind control ability had been removed after the first film. Another change was his reaction to green kryptonite; it was no longer so intense. When the Superman character was first created he was known as Superman and his alter ego was Clark Kent. In 1993 Dean Cain had accepted the role of playing Superman on “The...

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