The Change In Womens Role In Sports And The Olympics

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The Change in Womens Role in Sports and the Olympics
Sport has always been seen as a past time for men from the first
Olympic games in 1000-776BC in honour of Zeus, the father of the gods.

The women only Herean games were formed also in 1000-776BC but were
soon banned by Roman emperor Theodsious.

Women haven't had the same availabilities to get involved in sport and
certain factors for example, certain religious beliefs, self esteem,
discrimination, levels of media coverage, opportunities, lack of
coaching and access and provision.

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As the war developed and
husbands had to go of to fight women began to work and this gradually
broke down the stereotype of the typical women who were portrayed to b
unable to do strenuous activities.

The first modern Olympic games were in 1886 and held at Athens; women
were excluded and were not aloud to take part in the Olympics for 15
years. Until 1900, when women could compete in two events, golf and

Charlotte cooper (GBR) became the first female Olympic champion in

It wasn’t till 1924 when the IOC decided to include more women’s
events. This also was the first Olympic winter games and women were
also permitted to participate.

In 1928 women were aloud to participate in the 800m. But 5 women that
participated collapsed and the distance was omitted until 1968.

The first successful mother to participate in the Olympic games was
Fanny blankers-koen and she won four events, this gave women who
suffered from low self-esteem a boost to improve and achieve their
goals to participate in the Olympics.

After this in 1973 the IOC decided that women could b proposed as

Feminism brought about a lot of changes in attitudes to women
participation. McCrome (1987) noted the ‘‘recognition that women’s
limitation in sport have has less to do with genetics that with social
l and cultural codes that kept women alienated from their own bodies
and protected from the privileges and superiority of men’’

Women have been faced with many difficulties including certain
religious beliefs for example...

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