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The Challenges Of Online Education Essay

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Education has always being one most important things in history, without it, people wouldn't been able to advance and evolve the way they have done, but as people evolve, their way of learning evolves too. The Internet, one of human’s greatest creations used to communicate and find information is a great way to teach and educate and this method is known as distance learning. Distance learning is a field of education that focuses on providing an instructional system capable of delivering a quality education to students who are not physically on-site. As with every new invention and the benefits they bring. challenges may come along too. This essay will talk about the challenges of online ...view middle of the document...

(McGee, 2013, p1) Due to the nature of online courses where the student do their work independently and without the instructor watching him, “it becomes much easier to cheat on tests and copy works from other people.” (McGee, 2013, p1) To prevent this kind of trouble, most universities employ programs and restrictions that helps to prevent this problem and they are obliged to do it because to keep their accreditation, they need to prove they have measures to prevent plagiarism and verify student identity to prevent fraud from occurring in accordance with the The Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008. (McGee,2013, p2)

Another impact would be how good the students achieve themselves in their coursework since the teaching methods are different and not everybody is able to learn and grasp all information the same way. According to Zimmerman, the author from “Exploring Learner to Content Interaction as a Success Factor in Online Courses” there is not really a big gap that could lead to a statement that can say that students on online courses score better than classroom students. For example, Hacker and Sova (1998) Tested 43 students to determine if the efficacy of computer-mediated courses was significantly different from that of traditional university delivery methods. Twenty-two of the students were taught in a traditional lecture course and 21 were taught via the Internet in an online course. Results of this study showed the achievement gains were 15% higher for students in the online course versus those participating in the traditional lecture course. Conversely, Navarro and Shoemaker (1999) in a similar study using 63 students (31 traditional, 32 online) found that there was no statistical difference in course achievement for students taking the same course online versus those taking it in the traditional setting. In both studies, GPAs and GMAT scores were similar in the online versus traditional students. (Zimmerman, 2012, p154-155)

Instructors also face new challenges with this distance learning format. Most teachers are still people that were born in the 70’s were not raised with all this technological stuff like computers and the internet that 21st century kids are surrounded by. Teachers need to be actively involved with the latest technological developments and software to be effective online instructors, that way students can enjoy the new education experience better and learn more. One characteristic that is often mentioned as lacking in online learning is higher-order thinking (Baran, 2011). This may be lacking because instructors attempt to take traditional classroom practices and superimposed them on online courses. (Jacobs, 2013, p6) Studies have demonstrated that “universities staying current with technological innovations results in improved online course development outcomes and satisfaction” (Fish and Wickersham, 2010, p.280). Instructors should create an effective online learning environment so students can become...

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