The Challenges Faced By African American Women On Sexism, Racism And Stereotypes

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Comparison Essay
Introduction Into Literature
Trinity Wilborn
Celinthia Seal
March 14 , 2011

Comparison Essay 1

Thesis: The literary works The Welcome Table by Alice Walker / What it's like to be a black girl by Patricia Smith represent African american women who have faced challenges of sexism, racism and ...view middle of the document...

(Smith, ).The women in my opinion feels that God will reward her in the end. Not because she is black but because she knows who she is through her faith.
What its like to be a black girl, gives us view at a young black girl that is becoming
a black woman. During a time where both being a black girl, and trying to come in to maturity as a women. Could possibly create questions and uncertainties in this young girls life. What it's like
Comparison Essay 2 like to be a black girl shows a young girl who questions who she is. Through trial and error the young black girl learns to accept who she is. And embraces becoming a beautiful black women.
What its like to be a black girl give us a view into the eyes of someone that does not feel accepted in society. And wants to change who she is to become like the people around her. The young women seems to surcumb to her feelings and she trys to change who she is .
When Patricia Smith wrote the poem what its like to be a black girl. She focused
on the young black girls feelings and the added pressures of a racially jagged society. Certain
aspects of the character could possibly make you believe that the young black girl is having a hard time accepting who she is.
The character tells us how a young black girl tries to balance her newly formed body, with her still child-like mentality. Part of every young girl’s passage into woman hood includes a great white gown, which she wears on her wedding day, which she wears on her wedding day. On that day, when she’s joined with a man, a chapter ends and a new one begins
in the young girls life ( Smith 1991).
The comparison that both women face are there race and ethnicity. In the poem the Welcome table the setting takes place at a church. When the white people see the old black women stagger in two there church. They start to invision all kinds of bad images in there head. Some of the white members see her ( the old women) as a cook, chauffeurs, maids, or even as
a mistress ( Ficken, Carl 1985 ) To many this could seem like a stereotype of people of color.
Where as in the play What its like to be a black girl the young black women seems to also feel as though she is not as pretty as some of the girls around her. She says “it’s dropping food coloring in your eyes to make them blue and suffering their burn in silence. It’s popping a
Comparison Essay 3
bleached white mophead over the kinks of your hair and primping in front of the mirrors that deny your reflection.” (Smith,1991). These examples of the the bleached mophead and blues eyes could be the girl wishing that she could...

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