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The Causes Of The Acadian Expulsion

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The Acadian expulsion was perhaps the most unnecessary and inhumane act ever conducted on Canadian soil. The "Grande derangement" marks the victimization of Acadian people at the hands of feuding imperial powers. Their homes were burned, livestock slaughtered and eighteen thousand Acadians were dispersed amongst British colonies; those who resisted were hunted like animals. It is hard to believe that educated men, our government, could be capable of such cruelty. What could have lead to such a drastic action by the British government? Secondly, why did the English suddenly stop tolerating the Acadian presence? To fully understand the causes of the Expulsion we must first understand the ...view middle of the document...

In 1613, Samuel Argall, "a soldier of fortune" from Virginia, seized Port Royale and chased out most of its settlers. In 1621, the English government changed Acadia's name to Nova Scotia and granted it to the Scottish settlers of Sir William Alexander. France appointed Charles La tour as Lieutenant General of Acadia in 1631 and he built forts at Cape Sable and at the mouth of the Saint John River. In 1632, Isaac de Razilly was appointed governor of Acadia and brought with him a colonization effort of 300 and the Treaty of Saint germane returned Acadia to French hands . In 1636, the arrival of the Saint Jehan marked Acadia's "slow shift form being a matter primarily of explorers and traders, of men to a colony of permanent settlers, including woman and children" . This colonization effort was extinguished when Robert Sedgwick's order to attack New York fell back on Acadia and repeated in followed in Argall's example in 1650 (this sentence doesn't make sense, I don't know what ur trying to say). For the second time since its establishment, Acadia had been attacked during peacetime. The treaty of Breda in 1667 placed Acadia into French authority once again converting Acadia from a privately owned settlement into a royal colony. Once again, Acadia fell victim to conquest in 1690 under Sir William Phips and was returned to France through the Treaty of Ryswick (1697). Since its colonization in 1604, Acadia transferred ownership multiple times, making it somewhat of a tradition. Throughout these conquests the Acadian people adapted to its rulers and continued their daily lives. Considering Acadia's history, it was no surprise that the Treaty of Utrecht held less impact then expected. Over the years they had developed neutrality, continuing with their daily lives had never held consequence.The Treaty of Utrecht was a peace agreement signifying the end of the War of Spanish succession and twenty-three years of European conflict. This treaty involved all countries that took part in the European conflict and contained numerous peace agreements. While this did not directly include North America, many of the changed involved were subsidiary agreements to European issues. Through peace negotiations, the French were able to retain the St. Lawrence, Cape Breton Island (Ile Royale) and Prince Edward Island (Ile St. Jean). Acadia and all of Nova Scotia were claimed by Britain and Port Royal was renamed Annapolis Royal. Overnight a French town became the center of British influence in an area dominated by French and aboriginals. In 1713, Louis XIV, at the request of the British government, released French protestants imprisoned on naval galleys and in return, Queen Ann sent a letter to Francis Nicholson : "Acadians who are willing to continue our subjects to retain and enjoy their said lands and tenements without and lett or molestation as fully and freely as other subjects do, or may possess their lands and estates, or sell the same if they shall choose to remove...

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