The Causes Of Taiping Rebellion Essay

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Political Weakness of the Qing government
Obsolete examination system
Established during the 6th century, focused on a literature and ancient classics, archaic after 13 centuries
Neglected the development of science and technology, unaware of the benefits of science and technology
Best brains of the country spent their entire lives trying to pass the literature exam when they could have been contributing in terms of science
Examination officials were corrupt and limited the number of successful candidates, depriving the government with talented officials
Myopia and closed mentality
China thought they had everything and did not need anything from other ...view middle of the document...

This appealed to the masses who were hungry oppressed.
He also established 10 moral commandments which included no gambling and prostitution.
He introduced monotheism as a refreshing change from the corrupted polytheism in the Qing Confucianism.
He used Ming references such as the Ming court dress and having his capital and Beijing to appeal to anti-alien people.
He was able to seize the correct opportunity and unite the people.
Crumbling of Confucianism
Confucianism as the thread holding state and society began to erode especially after the opium war.
Officials who were supposed to be strong Confucians attained their office through underhand means
Interactions with Westerners led to exposure of western ways and Christianity which undermined Confucianism
Led to the people being more receptive to Hong’s society of God worshippers
Socioeconomic factors
First opium war
Led to the treaty of Nanjing, HK was ceded to the British along with 5 ports
This led to the unemployment of soldiers and coolies, as the poor people had lost their jobs; they became poorer and caused unrest.
There was also less demand for local goods, especially textiles with foreign imports from Shanghai
Meanwhile, pirates were invading Guangxi and Guangdong which worsened the plight of the people
There was also rampant and blatant opium trade which led to a greater outflow of silver resulting in devaluation of copper coins, in order for the government to maintain its income, it increased land taxes.
Also, indemnity money had to be paid to Westerners. This severely drained the imperial treasury which resulted in more taxes.
There was a population boom and the population grew from 19million to over 400million.
As agriculture was the main source of food, there was more pressure on arable land there was much hunger and many debts were incurred to sustain the people
In order to pay the debts, peasants sold their land to the aristocrats, this led to the aristocrats making more money. Leading to a greater class divide. People turned to banditry and secret societies which resulted in lawlessness and anti-Qing sediments.
Social factors
Chinese Nationalism

The Qing government was seen as an alien regime as it was from Manchu origin. Mindsets of Overthrow the Qing and Restore the Ming spread. The Qing government imposed their culture on the Hans, forcing the queue under death penalty. The Qing culture conflicted with Confucian teachings where ‘We are given our body, skin and hair from ours parents, and we ought not to damage it,’ by forcing the shaving of forehead. Also, there was a deterioration of the Chinese army which caused the people to lose national pride, this was seen as the Qing’s Fault.

Political impacts
Forerunner of other reforms
Inspired people such as Mao Ze Dong and Sun-yat Sen in terms of communist ideology.
It also led to the growth of anti-dynastic sediments which resulted in the...

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