The Causes Of Drug Abuse Among High School Students

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The parents of a teenager who talk to his or her teenagers about the use of drugs on a regular basis are 42 percent to not abuse drugs than a teenager whose parents did not talk to him or her. There is a higher amount of male teenagers arrested who have been tested and found positive for marijuana (The National Institute of Justices Arrestee and Drug Monitoring System). With many teenagers, drugs and alcohol are the most commonly abused drugs. Those teenagers do not see what drugs and alcohol can to him or her, or even see the consequences that can result from the abuse. The abuse of drugs can come ...view middle of the document...

Peer pressure can affect the teenager’s way of thinking and
encouraging the teenager to try drugs. This can go one way or another. Family members who abuse drugs also can be a cause of the teenager using drugs as well as peer pressure.
When a teenager does not have a stable family life, it can cause the teenager to abuse drugs. This will help him or her to escape the family problems that he or she is going through. When a teenager sees a family member abusing drugs he or she may feel that it is fine for him or her to do them since his or her family member is also using drugs. Most teenagers do not understand the behavior of his or her parent’s or family member and why each of them acts the way he or she has other does. When a teenager has other family struggles in his or her life he or she will have a tendency to abuse some form of substance.
A teenager who comes from a home with one parent may be more prone to abuse drugs, because the teenager does not have the proper structure that a two parent household has and can provide. This does not mean that all teenagers that come from a home with only one parent will abuse drugs, but it does mean that there is a high percentage that the teenager may experience and become addicted to drugs. A teenager living in a home with two parents also has a chance that he or she will try drugs and become addicted. It is just a matter of how the family structure and education with the teenager is and whether the family is stable. A teenager who comes from an intact family will be less likely to use drugs than a teenager who comes from a broken home. When a teenager does not feel connected or appreciated by his or her family than that teenager may have an increased chance of abusing drugs to wash away the feelings of not loved or appreciated.


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