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The Causes Of Childhood Obesity Essay

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Three common causes of childhood obesity were examined in this causal argument paper. Throughout my research I found that the most common causes of childhood obesity are the child’s environment, genetics, and socioeconomical factors. I analyzed many journal articles to determine details of each cause, from low income to unstable environmental patterns. As an opposing argument, each cause was addressed from the opposite sides position. Addressing how others may respond to my response. I concluded that in order to lessen childhood obesity in the United States, healthy implications, such as healthy eating and exercise, should be made in order for a child to have a healthy lifestyle.
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The increase in technology and automatic transportation in ones environment also contributes to the fact that children are getting less physical activity. Today, children have to many other alternatives to physical activity, such as iPads for games, escalators for stairs, and hoover boards for walking. It is up to the child’s caregiver to determine the environment the child will be placed in allowing them to have a healthy or unhealthy lifestyle.
Another contributing factor to childhood obesity is genetics. Obesity can be inherited through genes making children more likely to gain to extra body weigh. Due to the genetic inclination, overweight parents are more likely to have obese children. If a parent’s regular routine is unhealthy eating and limited exercise, a child will most likely pick up a similar life style as well. According to Public Health Nutrition’s article on childhood obesity, obesity is known to be a complex genetic trait that causes hormone imbalances gradienting the child’s likelihood of becoming obese. Even though it is not common, there is also a genetic disorder found in children overweight called the Prader-Willi disorder that causes the child to have an extreme yearning for food, taking many risks to get it.
Additionally, children brought up in lower income families are at a higher risk for childhood obesity. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, parents or guardians who don’t make a decent amount of money can’t...

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