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The Causes And Future Of Taiwan And Hong Kong’s Fdi In Mainland China

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Opportunity for investment in these new sectors attracted increasing FDI from the US, EU and Japan, which has slowly decreased the relative proportion of investment from Taiwan and Hong Kong. As China continues to make available more opportunities for FDI in non-export related sectors, and increasingly engages in the knowledge economy, the importance of and amount of FDI from the US, EU and Japan will only continue to increase (Aubert and Dalhman).
China’s increasingly large amount of FDI from the US, EU and Japan since 1992, suggests that China used economic engagement Taiwan, Hong Kong, and overseas regions with ethnic Chinese minorities to path the way for economic engagement with the ...view middle of the document...

China’s massive diversified investment in Africa signals a far off but beginnings of a maturing Chinese economy, meaning a transition away from export oriented development to more diversified economic engagement and participation in the knowledge economy, discussed in World Bank report, “China and the Knowledge Economy.”
China’s increasing investment in Africa also demonstrates that economically, China is looking beyond just a “Greater China” or even just Asia. As China has became a global economic power, it has increasingly invested in Africa. Today, China is the largest provider of FDI in many African nations and is also a major trading partner with many African nations (Broadman). China’s growing engagement with the developing countries of Africa shows that China is interested in engaging with the global economy. The initial large amounts of engagement with Taiwan and Hong Kong were motivated by a desire quickly develop its economy and participate in the global economy, rather than a long-term plan to economically participate exclusively with the Chinese regions of Asia.
In the first fifteen years after China’s economic reforms began, Taiwan and Hong Kong both played an extremely important role in contribution of FDI to China. Taiwan and Hong Kong were attracted by China’s emphasis on export related FDI, a huge supply of cheap labor, geographic proximity, and similarities in culture and language which helped lubricate business interactions. China had pursued in FDI from these regions both to help propel its own economic development and technology upgrading, but also to promote political unification throughout economic interdependence. Throughout the 1980s FDI from Hong Kong and Taiwan continued to increase and in 1992, FDI to China from all sources increased dramatically. Since 1992 though, FDI from...

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