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The Cause Of The English Civil War

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People say that the English civil war was caused by religious disagreements but are they right? That's the question I ask my self and that's why I decided to find out. The English Civil War has many causes but the personality of Charles I must be counted as one of the major reasons. . His most famous opponent in this war was Oliver Cromwell. I will talk about some reasons why the English civil war might have been caused for an example: if it was because of religion or if it was because the people were against the king's laws and his decisions towards the country.

Another major influence in the outbreak of the civil war was when Charles married Henrietta Maria, a French Catholic without ...view middle of the document...

Charles was a person that would do anything for money he would take over peoples lands and sell them for a lot of money and so this reason could have been one of the causes to the English civil war. This is because he would make the people pay taxes and so people were not able to pay and make Charles the money he wanted.

As people's money started to decrease due to the fact the Charles was making his people pay taxes they couldn't afford anything after that they also couldn't stand Charles. I think money is one of the major causes to this war it didn't only ruin the countries reputation but also ruined Charles's love towards the county. It also made England a much poorer country.

The paragraphs above are link because they are both talking about how Charles loved money and what he would risk to get the money. He spent a lot of money when England was a very poor and a sad country to get weapons and to plan a war but he would lose all of the wars he fought. He fought the French to the Spanish to the scots and he had to pay money to make the scots to leave because he lost. I think he was trying to show how powerful he is and how rich he was by making every body pay money. For me this is a major cause to this civil war.

Charles was arrogant and he also had very cruel punishments. Some of these punishments were to cut of people's ears and noses if they did not obey the king's rules. If people complained or argued about something that the king has demanded they will have to suffer the consequences he also wouldn’t listen to any bodies ides. This is an important reason why the English civil war might have out broken. This is because people might have had enough of this treatment and couldn't handle it anymore. I think Charles did this...

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