The Cat Is Not In The Hat

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The Cat is Not in the Hat
Dr. Seuss is a legend among children books from “Oh the Places You’ll Go” to “If I Ran the Zoo.” Nearly all of his works are classics and still read to this day. Unfortunately, the same thing cannot be said about the movies based on his books and Hollywood has produced some of the biggest stinkers as a result. What’s the worst Dr. Seuss movie? The one based on his most famous book, “The Cat in the Hat.” Even mentioning this movie can make one’s flesh crawl because it is just that horrid, not even worth watching to make fun of it. People say “It’s a simple kids story, how awful could a movie be?” that’s easy to explain. The Cat in the Hat (2003) falls into every ...view middle of the document...

Mr. Hummerfloob then calls the mother back to work and she leaves her kids with strict instructions not to mess up the house or go into the living room. She leaves them with Mrs. Kwan (Amy Hill), an elderly baby sitter, and leaves for work. Mrs. Kwan quickly falls asleep and the children are left looking out the window as it starts to rain. Wondering what to do they hear a bump upstairs and decide to investigate, only to find a closest empty. Turning around they discover that a giant cat wearing a hat (Mike Myers) has appeared in their home. While initially freaked out by him, the children soon warm up to him because he only wants to have fun and after some dialogue [and revealing that their pet fish (Sean Hayes) can talk] they decide to join him. The situation continues to escalate when the cat reveals that his special crate is actually a portal into his world and tells Conrad to never open it. Of course, Conrad opens the crate and the lock from it gets locked on the family’s dog, which runs away. So the cat and the kids leave the house to fetch the dog while the crate is left open. The boyfriend becomes aware of what is going on and tries to convince Joan that her kids are acting up and that something strange is going on. The movie carries on from there and makes less sense it continues to run. The lack of continuity and focus that continues to befuddle the viewer into thinking about the sanity the makers had while producing this film.
The story reveals a lack of cohesiveness, which results in an unfocused narrative and ultimately makes the film seem like it has no direction. It keeps focusing more on the problems of the Walden family and the side characters than it does on the cat, which is the whole reason for the movie. The cat’s role is written in such a way that you could almost dismiss him as a schizophrenic episode that the kids are having. The viewer can assume this because crux of the movie is not focused on him resulting in the cat just being around with the only thing he really does is instigate the children to the next odd situation (McCarthy). It was inevitable for a movie adaption to add in situations and characters that were not in the book because the book itself is only 61 pages long and the movie is around 82 minutes. A full-length movie of this story is unnecessary and the finished product reflects the fact that it tries to make up a narrative to loosely connect to the original source material. As a result, the source material is buried underneath all of these useless characters and irrelevant plot points making the story weird as well as confusing to follow along (Nevius). The director refuses to let moments in the movie happen, which makes the film feel rushed in most areas adding to the confusion. The fish tends to be a distraction to the characters, forcing them to progress into one situation after another making the scenes themselves disconnected from each other. This makes a lot of the individual scenes seem like they...

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