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The Career Of James Fennimore Cooper

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James Fennimore Cooper was a romantic writer in the mid 1880s. Cooper wrote to entertain and wasn’t held back by the rules of literature, which were set forth by the boring writers of his time. Cooper in his work exaggerated greatly, this however was not a flaw of Coopers. Cooper was harassed greatly by Mark Twain because of Coopers wide imagination and unique style of writing. Twain tried to state that Cooper was a terrible writer and that when it came to literature, Cooper broke about every rule in literary law. These accusations against Cooper however are garbage, and come from the jealous mind of twain. Cooper added adventure and excitement like no other writer before him had, and a person could be entertained for hours by picking out the crazy parts of ...view middle of the document...

The protagonists in Coopers stories were stronger, faster, and a better shot then any other man they confronted. Making the protagonist in the story so perfect made the reader have great respect for him, and made the reader cheer for the protagonist.

Cooper wrote to entertain, not to try to see how many laws of physics he could follow, or to perfect his usage of words. Cooper wrote about miraculous things such as the Pathfinder shooting a nail that is stuck in a tree from a hundred yards away or Chingachgook turning a running stream out of its course to find the tracks of his enemies. Of coarse Cooper knew that these ideas were a little far fetched, but he new with out these ideas the story would not be as good Coopers creativity just adds to his stories, if a person isn’t amazed by what the protagonist is doing in the story, then he his probably being amused by the impracticalness of what is being done

Cooper was portrayed by Mark Twain to be an awful writer, who scored hundred and fourteen offenses against literary art out of a possible hundred and fifteen. Cooper could have cared less about what his score was. Cooper wanted to make his writing fun, not an English textbook. Twain also made accusations on how Coopers work was fake and unbelievable. Cooper wrote in such a way to make the story interesting, if everything had to be believable, Coopers stories would not be as good as they are.

James Fennimore Cooper was an author who wrote to entertain. A jealous Mark Twain, who could not see the true entertainment in Coopers work, criticized cooper. In Coopers writings he had many situations that were a little far fetched, but this was not an ignorance of Cooper, it was a strong quality of Coopers that added excitement and adventure to his stories.

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