The Candles That Gave Them Life

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By Irish Jada C. Bernal


There are three options in life which we can choose where to go to- the married life, the religious life and the single-blessedness. Some may say it is a destiny and to others it is a choice.
Among the three, the most scared and challenging is the religious life because all those who embraced it have a holy mission to fulfill. It is even sad to note that those who are answering the call to religious life are getting fewer and fewer. Yet we have to pray for our priest and nuns since they are more prone to temptation. Daghan na ang naghubo sa ilang ...view middle of the document...

Ambot ug ngano pud nga dali raman ma-igo sa makahuyang nga gugma ang mga tawo karon. Falling in love today is easy. Pa text-text lang, pa chat-chat and then magkita in personal, after you know it sila na, den next step magpakasal kay wala man kapugong.
Well you should not really fall in love but you should rise and grow out of love. Mao siguro nga hangtod karon at age 33 I am still single and mind you still searching. Naiwan na ng kalendaryo, but any way naa paman lotto wag lang sana abutan ng bingo. I love to attend weddings; in fact I do coordinate and plan for weddings as a part time job. Allergic lang ko every reception when the next bride would now be chosen. I just can’t imagine myself being a bride someday. It may mean that I may be choosing the third vocation which is single blessedness.
Sa kalisud sa panahon karon pait jud ang magminyo. Paabot na lang ta nga maabot ug 100 ang kilo sa bugas ug ang litro sa gasolina. Usahay makaingon ko lami man siguro ning magminyo nuh kay at least makakita ko ug liwat. If only I am not God-fearing magpaliwat na lang ko aron naay muguyod inig katigulang nako. But of course I won’t do such a crazy thing.
Being single is not a failure but maybe a fulfillment of what God has planned for us. I believe that it is God who chooses who we are and who we should be. Our choice is merely to be happy and contented with what is destined for us. Well I’m not really closing my doors. Who knows my Mr. Right is just there only waiting for the right time.

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