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The Business Environment Essay

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Assignment #1 The Business Environment
Roshaunda Chambers
Professor Cole
April 29, 2012

The role of a business in the economy in this day of time is beneficial for every country all over the world. This type of function began as early as the 1900’s in the form of sharing and trading. As the world change people created ways to produce income that was vital for that country! Business world produces a study flow to keep everything revolving around the world. A business can produce jobs that gave every nation and culture around the world an advantage to continue to build and grow its country.
The advantage of a profit organization ensures the needs of that particular function. It aids the company from a monetary standpoint to help low income families that are in need. A disadvantage of this company can affects someone that is their only for self gain and money fraud. A non-profit organization is an ...view middle of the document...

The impacts of a monetary policy allow the standard of that company regardless of origin, belief or creed! It aids the country with the authority of those monetary judgments. It also controls the supply of money often targeting a rate of interest for the purpose of gaining economic grow and stability. The use of fiscal policy in a government helps with taxation to aid the economy. This is one of main reasons for everyone having to pay a certain percentage out of their earnings. This creates a flow of money that stabilizes the economy by controlling rates and spending on unnecessary resources. The government is put on a budget to influence economic movements.
A product that will produce a great service to world will always show a great need in healthcare. The world always shows a shortage in health care around the world. I will first create a bio-hazardous item that would not affect the earth. It material can be used in hospital to administer medication to children and adults. These products will not cost to create because it will be made by objects that are recycled. I will find a sponsor to help with the standard flow of items that will be use by plastic. I will then put a team together to make sure that every policy and standards are being met through the health and food administration. Once approve it will then go global to all the markets in the world. This type of product is now being used to give foreign countries access to clean water and food.
An organization that has a major impact on the world today is the oil companies. In the America we are now using oil from foreign countries with a strong stakeholder mandating the sources and responsibility of the organization. Along with the responsibility of this source it takes a system with govern decisions. The stakeholder actions can help or hurt the advancement this company. The stakeholder is a position in many corporate companies in the world to make sure all standard and needs are met to keep this company from going into a major crisis. As the result of this organization, you can become a top of the line business or a business that drops to the bottom of the economy system!

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