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The Brown And Goldman Case Essay

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Gina RamirezCJ 1320Unit 1: Project 1Case Portfolio: The Brown and Goldman CaseFacts of the CaseOn the night of June 12, 1994 Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman were found brutally stabbed to death outside of the Brown residence. The front door to the house was left open and Brown was found down the walkway towards the front gate of the residence. Her body had multiple stab wounds and her throat was slit, exposing her lyrnx. Goldman's body was found off the walkway towards the front gate of the residence as well, also with multiple stab wounds. The murder was said to have taken place between 10:15-10:40 on the night of June 12, 1994. Around that same time Brown's neighbors reported to police ...view middle of the document...

Simpson lived with Kato Kaelin. Kato resided in a bungalow behind the house on the same property. Kaelin testified at 10:50pm he heard several low thumps on the outside of his guest house and went from the rear of the residence to the front to investigate the noises. At the same time, Park saw a shadow the same height and build as Simpson enter the front of the house. Park said it was then that the lights came on in the house and Simpson answered the phone calls telling Park he had fallen asleep and had not heard the buzzer of the phone. Kaelin and Park then continued to help Simpson with his bags into the limo where he was then driven to the airport and left to a convention in Chicago.On June 13, 1994, Simpson was notified in Chicago of the death of his ex-wife and returned to Los Angeles where he was temporarily detained and questioned regarding the murders. Detectives noticed a deep cut on Simpson's right hand and questioned him about it as well. After the interview and all the evidence gathered, police felt they had enough to be able to arrest Simpson for the double murder of Brown and Goldman. Police and Simpson's defense attorney at the time, Robert Shapiro, came to an agreement that Simpson was to turn himself in on June 17, 1994. Simpson eluded police from his friend's home, Robert Kardashian, and led LAPD on a highly televised low-speed chase where Simpson sounded suicidal and as if he was somewhat confessing to the murders. The chase ended later that same day at his Brentwood home where police found $8,000.00, a change of clothing, a loaded .375 Magnum, a passport, and a fake goatee and mustache. Simpson was then arrested for the charges of double-homicide. Neither the chase nor the suicidal phone call between Simpson and LAPD detective Tom Lange was submitted by the prosecution for evidence.There was a preponderance of evidence in this case. There were blood drops along with bloody shoe prints were found leading away from the body towards the back alley of the residence. Blood was also found on the gate of the back alley. The bloody shoe print matched a size 12 Bruno Magli Shoe, a rare Italian-made shoe. One...

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